Success Stories

Apr 2016

Happy "adoptaversary" Finn! Thank you SCCR for letting us adopt him last year! (Formerly known as Gilligan)

-The Therese Family-

Apr 2016

Bryant (formally known as Max) is such a great addition to the family! Thank you Second City Canine Rescue for rescuing such a handsome, energetic, loving, and playful guy! Just wanted to share with you how happy he was to get his new orange football (in bottom corner of photo)!

-The Klingler Family-

Apr 2016

Happy gotcha day to Riley (fkna Bonnie of Second City Canine Rescue). Look at her when SCCR pulled her from CACC vs. now, happy in her forever home. 
She's brought so much joy to my sister, niece and nephew.

-The Reichman Family-

Apr 2016

Whiskey is thriving here, and we love him to bits. Thank you Second City Canine Rescue!

-The Weinberg Family-

Apr 2016

Tallulah (formerly SCCR Sarafina) celebrated her golden birthday on Saturday, she turned 2 on April 2nd! It's hard to believe she is already 2 years old, seems like yesterday that we picked up our tiny little girl from her SCCR family. She is remarkable in every way, and we can't imagine our family without her. We will never be able to thank you enough

-The Pedicone Family-

Apr 2016

Wrigley is enjoying his 1st birthday! Thanks SCCR for bringing him into our lives, we couldn't be happier with our big boy.

-The Ziemann Family-

Apr 2016

Tio (formerly Smoochie) celebrated his adoption birthday just a few days ago with some delicious treats! I can't believe it's already been a year but I also can't imagine my life without this little guy. Thanks SCCR!

-The Stewart Family-

Mar 2016

Trig enjoying the beautiful day. We love our boy thank you Second City.

-The Sciore Family-

Mar 2016

One year ago today, Watson's foster mom, Stephanie Pavlik, dropped a nervous little pup off with his new parents. Now he's all snuggled up, happy as can be to just be near us. He has been more loving, well-behaved, and wonderful than we could have hoped for. Thank you, Second City Canine Rescue, for bringing him into our lives!

-The Anderson Family-

Mar 2016

Thought you'd like to see a picture of Lamby on her 1st birthday yesterday! We love this goofy girl and are so happy she found us!

-The Sessler Family-

Mar 2016

It's that kind of Sunday for Zuzu (Suzy)...everyday is Sunday for her. We adopted her 2 years ago from Second City

-The Ross Family-

Mar 2016

This is Winnie, formerly Aili. We adopted her before Christmas last year. She is now 6 months old and almost done with her puppy training classes. She is the best girl ever. So sweet and smart. Thank you Second City!

-The Kminek Family

Mar 2016

1 year ago today we brought home Bucky (Hamlet). He is such a great brother to our "Captain America." We can't imagine life without our little Winter Soldier!

-The Pocci Family-

Mar 2016

When it's too rainy to go outside, Darla (formerly Magali) enjoys gazing out and dreaming of drier weather. Thank you Second City for bringing her into our lives! We love her so much!

-The Oliveri Family-

Mar 2016

Today, Atlas came home. The little adventure dog looked out the window the entire car ride home, romped in the yard and is now sound asleep. Thank you Nikki Dalsanto Heath and Second City Canine Rescue for this handsome puppy.  feeling thankful.

-The Lee Family-

Feb 2016

Thank you to Second City Canine Rescue for selecting us to adopt Dillon (Doberman). He is getting along well with his new brother Buddy (Golden Retriever).

-The Biedke Family-

Feb 2016

We love our little baby Odie (radio) ..  Thank you for choosing us to be his furever family!

-The Blasco Family-

Feb 2016

Thank you so much to Second City Canine Rescue! Fozzy, formerly known as Claus, has become quite the addition to our family. He is a little more than 4 months old now and is the best puppy ever! Thank you to your team that makes adoptions like this possible! This baby is LOVED!

-The Benson Family-

Feb 2016

This was gumdrop now Ellie she is a great dog and we are so blessed to have adopted her. She loves our 6 month old son and is wonderful with him.

-The Veerman Family-

Feb 2016

This may be Hazelnut's (SCCR Angel Grace) first Chicagoland winter, but she already knows the boots mean it's crazy cold outside! She tries to play possum on the couch to avoid going out.

-The Anie Family-

Jan 2016

We adopted Benny a year ago today! Since he was estimated to be one, we also celebrated today as his second birthday. He spent the day at doggy daycamp and loved every minute of it!

-The Breslin Family-

Jan 2016

Cannot say enough how much I love this guy...who came from Puerto Rico and adopted through guys do great work...just saying

-The Costa Family-

Jan 2016

We are so blessed with our forever family member Trix. It has been a year filled with great memories. She has been a loving addition. Thank you for helping us find her!

-The Hutson Family-

Jan 2016

We got Allie (a.k.a. Audrey) almost a year ago and she has been a great addition to our family. Our three year old has such a special bond with Allie. This is a typical day in our house! Thank you for all of the work that you do.

-The Maki Family-

Jan 2016

Today's Dexter's (Scruffy) 4th birthday!!! He's such a great pooch to everyone and has so much love for everyone he meets. Thank you again for finding him!!!

-The Fredrick Family-

Jan 2016

A huge thank you to Second City for giving dogs a second chance. We are so in love with Oliver (RJ) and are grateful that we met him at your Saturday event! We are proud to be giving him his furever home!

-The Walters Penzenik Family-

(Jan 2016)

"I wanted to take a moment and thank you guys for bringing such joy into our lives with letting us foster Honey and then making her a permanent part of our family. The 4 years with her have been amazing. She brought so much joy and happiness to us. It saddens me to say, but we had to say goodbye to her tonight. She was and always will be the best dog we ever had. Thank you for letting us love her and get love from her in return. She will be missed always and forever. Keep doing what you guys are doing!!!"

-The Ptak True Family-

(Jan 2016)

(Dec 2015)

Scrappy (SCCR Bobo) celebrating his 3rd Gotcha Day with us 😍. Love is an understatement!

-The Skarzynski Family-

(Dec 2015)

This week we are celebrating having Smokey for 6 months.  We are celebrating 6 months because while being handsome, lovable, and smart, he as also been an unbelievable challenge as a young bloodhound mix. We have come to respect the amount of training, exercise, and patience it takes to have a dog with his working drive. Normal walks need to be supplemented with daily scentwork training, correction, obedience. Good days are now more than bad days. Is he worth it? Absolutely! Those who meet him, love him. Lucy adores him. We are so lucky he came into our lives and to have his silly hound dog antics make us laugh. We would like to thank Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt, Second City Canine Rescue, Nikki Heath, and the random good samaritan who found him; who all took a chance and worked hard to save our boy. Here is a photo of Smokey after a hiker brought him to animal control in Alabama, and him now. Please support local responsible rescues- they complete families

-The Makinny Family-

(Dec 2015)

Two years ago we brought this crazy, silly, loving, little girl home. It feels like she has been here for much longer. Shadow (SCCR Velvet) has brought so much joy and happiness into our lives! We can't thank SCCR enough! We know she is looking forward to becoming a big sister to a hairless puppy this summer

-The Sgarbossa Family-

(Dec 2015)

It's Happy Henry Day! We adopted Henry four years ago from SCCR. Today, like all others, will be spent making him happy:) Thanks for rescuing our guy SCCR! 

(Dec 2015)

I just wanted to thank Second City Canine Rescue! About 4 years ago Second City came across this pitiful girl. Bella laid on the cold, dirty kennel floor with 8 new born puppies. She had seemed as though she had completely given up hope. SCCR knew she deserved better and rescued her and all her puppies. I was thankful enough to foster her. She had a horrible upper respiratory infection and was super thin. We cared for her until her forever home adopted her. She has come such a long way from that sad dog in a shelter to being able to feel the warmth of fire place and love of a home.Thank you so much for giving this girl a second chance!!

Here are some additional pics of our much loved Stella. Our 18 month old is so in love with her that his first word was dog and second word was st-la which is what he calls her. Thanks for saving our girl.

-The Pierce Family-

(Dec 2015)

"Could I love this puppy belly more? I don't think so - thank you Second City for bringing this energetic bundle of joy into my life (loving life with Bindi - fka Lilly Moon)"

-The Baham Family-


(Nov 2015)

Happy six month anniversary, Seamus (Floyd)! You've gained almost 40lbs and just got a clean bill of health from your vet. It's amazing what love and groceries will do in such a short period of time.
 - The Singh Family -

(Nov 2015)

(Nov 2015)  [P]update: Dean, fka Grant, is having a grand ol' time taking selfies in his new forever home!

- The Seibt Family -

Alette (now Brindy)

(October 2015) "Alette is now Brindy and everyone was super excited to welcome her! One of her mommies got a stuffed elephant the day she was born...and again the day she left home for bought one for her 1st baby! They said they felt all nervous like I was bringing a real baby to adopt and looks like they bought out a pet store for her comfort."

-Brindy's Family

Treyton (now Atlas)

(October 2015) Treyton, now Atlas, went to his forever home today. Congratulations Atlas!

-Treyton's Family

Sandy Lou

(October 2015) "Sandy Lou seems to love it here at her fur-ever home with us! She's getting us both in shape with a minimum of 2 walks a day from 1 to 2+ miles each, plus her time in the backyard running around and taunting the squirrels. She just gets sweeter every day and we have to pinch ourselves to know we're not just dreaming about having her rescue us! Special thanks to Heart of Alabama Save Rescue Adopt for sending her up here & to her foster-mom, Nancy, for taking such good care of her."

-The Whited Family


(October 2015) "Happy Halloween from Ginger (Nlah)"

-The Gorski Family

Kevin Bacon

(October 2015) "Kevin Bacon's Graduation!"

-The Kostal Family

Mellie (now Millie)

(October 2015) "Millie, fka Mellie, and her new forever dad, David. Wishing them many happy years together!!"

-Millie's Family

Tadeo and Bally (now Jack and Kingston)

(October 2015) My boyfriend and I adopted these 2 brothers! Jack (formerly Tadeo) loves naps and Kingston (formerly Bally) loves to chew everything in sight. They're about to be 8 months old!" 

-The Testa Family

Prince George (now Hossa)

(October 2015) "2 years ago today you let us bring home this little boy! Hossa (aka Prince George, Booger) is an amazing dog with so much energy and love. Thank-you so much!"

-The Moll Family


(October 2015) "We are lovin' Ms. Marilyn!!!
She met some of her doggie neighbors yesterday and got her first (of two) baths, when she found a nice pile of poop to roll around in. Ahhh, the price of exploring her new backyard!!"

-The Escobar Family


(October 2015) Congrats to Tootsie Roll who is staying in the SCCR family! They are wonderful volunteers and this extended family has adopted a total of 4 SCCR dogs!!!! We love it!! Congrats!

-Tootsie's Family


(October 2015) Congrats to Julep's new family!!!

-Julep's Family

Duke and Fey (now Dozer and DeeDee)

(September 2015) "Dozer (aka Duke) and DeeDee (aka Fey) are getting along great!!! DeeDee is definitely showing Dozer the ropes. Dozer is doing such a great job listening and behaving. Thank you again for doing an awesome job!!!"

(October 2015) "I want to thank you SCCR so much!!! With your great rescuers, fosters and vets we have adopted 3 great dogs!! We've only had Dozer (formerly Duke of Chetney (white) for a week and he's getting along great with DeeDee (formerly Fey (yellow) and Dexter (formerly Scruffy(black). Keep up the awesome work you guys do."

-The Federick Family


(September 2015) Blitzen, adopted in December, 2014, enjoying snuggling with his adopted sister. Blitzen has really grown up!

-Blitzen's Family

Alice (now Allie)

(September 2015) "Thought I'd share a few pics of our fun summer with Allie (SCCR: Alice) including our annual trip to Door County, WI."

-The Batalden Family

Buster Baxter (now Baxter)

(September 2015) "Congratulations to the David family for completing their pack with our Buster Baxter, now just named Baxter!!"

(October 2015) SCCR Baxter and his new brother Barney have become an inseparable pair!

-The David Family


(September 2015) "We will be coming up on a year next month since we adopted Mr. Ranger. He is the sweetest and most gentle giant ever, and these two couldn't love him any more than they already do. We are so grateful for this guy!"

-The Piantkowskis (Ranger's Family)


(September 2015) Phineas with his new Mom

- Phineas' Family

Charlotte (now Pepper)

(September 2015) "Thank you SCCR for our sweet little pup, Pepper (SCCR name-Charlotte). We adopted her last Saturday and she is doing well in our home. She is a very sweet, funny and smart pup. Big thank you to Carolyn for your guidance and advice and being a great foster mom to Pepper!!"

- The Nguyens (Pepper's Family)

Moka (now Cali)

(September 2015) "Adopted in June, Moka, now Cali, has been a great addition to our family. She's been to the beach, on road trips, and has spent plenty of time meeting other dogs. We're so grateful for her. Thanks SCCR for all that you do."

- The Wolskis (Cali's Family)

Lenny and Squiggy

(September 2015) "Lenny and Squiggy found their perfect forever home today."

- Lenny and Squiggy's Family


(September 2015) "One year ago today Niko became part of our family. He's the sweetest and most loveable pal we could have asked for. Everyone who meets him loves him. Thanks to the Scimeca family and Second City Canine Rescue for taking such good care of our Niko Bello before we took over!"

- Niko's Family


(September 2015) Clark enjoying the adventures of life!

- Clark's Family


(September 2015) "Oskee found her forever home yesterday with my sister- in-law's parents! They all love Oskee!!! Her new parents are retired and my two nieces spend a lot of time there. Trust me when I say she's going to be a very spoiled girl and VERY well taken care of!"

-Oskee's Family


(September 2015) Haley went to live in her forever home last night. As her foster mom, I will miss her, but I am so happy that she's been blessed with such a wonderful family. I know they'll give her the love and attention that she needs.

- Haley's Family

Peanutt (now Robin)

(September 2015) Peanutt wanted to say hi to everyone at SCCR and talk about how great he is doing. He's loving exploring a new neighborhood, hanging out at local dog parks, and mostly snoozing while cradling one of his toys in his paws. He misses everyone but his new family absolutely adores him."

(September 2015) Robin (SCCR Peanutt) is fitting in perfectly with his new family! He recently traveled to Starved Rock where he got to run through the trails with his mom and dad! This is one loved pup!

-The Riesers

Teeny (now Arky)

(August 2015) "Today, we got to make Arky (formerly Teeny) a part of our family! Here he is with his foster mom and our boys. We are already in love with him!"

- The Yanko's (Arky's Family)


(August 2015) Rizzo and his furever family

Seymour (now Rizzo)

(August 2015) "Seymour...aka Rizzo, during a training moment. We are quickly adapting and already fallen in love! Thanks SCCR!"

- The Kultons (Rizzo's Family)

Anna Mae (now Lucie)

(August 2015) "That's Lucie (formerly Anna Mae) on the right with her new canine family."

- The Espanas (Lucie's Family)

Dino (now Murphy)

(August 2015) From one of our fabulous volunteers, Jennifer Cherry "Murphy (formerly Dino) came into my life Thanksgiving weekend 2013. I couldn't ask for a better friend!
He's seen a lot of change in his short time as my job took me from Illinois to New Jersey this year. Here he is conducting his usual "neighborhood watch" and enjoying the warmth of the sun! Thank you Second City Canine Rescue for giving him a chance and for allowing us to find each other. I am truly blessed and we miss you all!!"

Murphy's Family


(August 2015) "Thor got a new haircut!"

- The Lipowskis (Thor's Family)


(August 2015) "Yay here is Jett with his furever family!!" 

- Jett's Family

Louise (now Cookie)

(August 2015) "SCCR Louise now Cookie with half her forever family!! She also had a Dad, another brother and a fur sister!"

- Cookie's Family

Onida (now Juno)

(August 2015) "We've only had Onida (now Juno) for a little less than 24 hours and she is already such a blessing and knows that she is a princess."

- The Vantrease's (Juno's Family)

Capri and Janie

(August 2015) CAPRI and JANIE are two lucky puppies who have been adopted by Cindy and Jim

- Capri and Janie's Family


(August 2015) "She's been with us for over 2 years now and couldn't be better. Holly and Kyan relaxing together."

-Holly's Family


(August 2015) "Harley graduated from training today and got a special toy for being first in his class"

-The Fugitts


(August 2015) "A year ago we brought Greyson into our home as one of our foster dogs. After his first show we realized we couldn't let him go and decided to adopt him. He has brought so much joy to our family and I couldn't imagine him not being with us. We love him so very much! Thank you Second City for bringing this big buffalo into our lives."

- Kayla Foerster

Norman (now Otto Von Puck)

(August 2015) Congratulations to SCCR Norman, now Otto Von Puck, who made the long journey up here from Alabama just a week ago, on finding his forever family!!! He is very excited to play nonstop with his doggie brother Tarot, 3 human brothers, 2 kitties, and his new mom and dad! Good luck Otto!!

- Otto Von Puck's Family

Rem (Lady Stark)

(August 2015) Lady Stark (SCCR Rem) enjoying some fresh air 

- The Pulidos (Lady Stark's Family)

Black Jack (now Boo)

(August 2015) Black Jack, aka Boo, went to his forever home today. Congratulations to Boo and his new mom! You will be very loved! Thank you for adopting.

- Boo's Family


(July 2015) "1 year ago in July 31st we picked up our little River Monster (SCCR River). She quickly won over all our hearts and is the sweetest, loving dog you could ever have. She is always with her big brother and they have become the best of friends. We are so lucky to have her in our family!" 

- The DeChenne's (River's Family)

Sookie (now Lily)

(July 2015) SCCR alum, Lily (fka Sookie) is enjoying snuggle time with her new brother! 

(October 2015) "Happy Halloween from our little caterpillar Lily (formerly Sookie)! Thank you for bringing her into our lives!"

-The King Family


(July 2015) "Today SCCR alum Kiki is 3. Can't believe it will almost be 2 yrs since we found SCCR and Kiki. We love this goofy girl!!! Thank you SCCR!" 

- The Arroyos (Kiki's Family)

Allegra (now Dolce)

(July 2015) When she isn't at puppy school, Dolce (SCCR Allegra) celebrates her straight A's by having some fun in the sun!

- Dolce's Family

Captian Serious (now Gideon)

(July 2015) Gideon beating the heat on his very first boat ride and spending time with his favorite cousin! Go Gideon!

- Gideon's Family


(July 2015) "Today is Juneau's second birthday and our one year anniversary of adopting her. She has come a long way- from chewing shoes to shaking hands! Thanks SCCR for our adorable dog." 

- The Guliks (Juneau's Family)

Franzel (now Enzo)

(July 2015) "Enzo (previously Franzel) loves relaxing on a raft in his new pool after a long day at Puppy Preschool where he gets to meet and play with other puppies (some if them much bigger than him!). He has been doing great at school and starts full time obedience training in a few weeks!" 

- The Stahls (Enzo's Family)


(July 2015) "We are in love with Caoba! He's having fun on walks, visiting the neighborhood dogs and, especially, munching on awesome treats like this delish cow trachea. Thank you for such a great pup, SCCR!" 

- The Tipperreiters (Caoba's family)

Muppet (now Ozzie)

(July 2015) "Hey, it's Julie, Luke, Hayley, and Ozzie(Muppet). We just wanted to let you know how well it's going. Here's a photo of Ozzie sitting in Hayley's niece's chair, next to her niece. I think he thinks all tiny furniture is his! Anyways, he's a terrific little dog!" 

- The Williams (Ozzie's Family)

Strauss (now Watson)

(July 2015) Watson (SCCR Strauss) enjoying the good life!

- Watson's Family

Bianca (now LuLu)

(July 2015) Check out how big SCCR Bianca (now Lulu) is!!! 

- LuLu's Family

Angel Grace (now Hazelnut)

(July 2015) "Hazelnut (SCCR Angel Grace) loves hanging out with her big sister! They are ridiculously cute together and are the best of friends!" 

- Hazelnut's Family

Beeker (now Thor)

(July 2015) "Beeker now Thor is enjoying his new home! It will be a week tomorrow and he has met most of his new extended family. Everyone loves him! They even love him at the dog daycare. He loves going to daycare and making friends! He has even met some ladies he likes. Thank you SCCR for our new fur friend!" 

- The Lipowskis (Thor's Family)


(July 2015) Cheyenne has been with SCCR for a while waiting for that *perfect* forever home. We are happy to say she found it this weekend!!!! Thank you to her amazing foster mom Michele Rubino and to her new forever family! 

- Cheyenne's Family

Chobani (now Marcel

(July 2015) "It's been one year since we've adopted our boy Marcel (Chobani)!! Oh the adventures we have had together. Marcel has traveled in planes, trains, and automobiles - our little explorer. He's been loving meeting new friends at daycare and equally loves hanging with his human friends too. Marcel has a tremendous spirit and even bigger heart. Thanks SCCR for bringing him to us!" 

- Haley and Archie (Marcel's Family)


(July 2015) "A year ago this month we adopted my girl Gia. She is such a sweetheart and loves to cuddle with us."

- The Rozdilskys (Gia's Family)

Devin Hester (now Finn)

(July 2015) "Hello!! Just wanted to send you an update on Devin Hester, now Finn, who was adopted from SCCR about a year and a half ago. He is enjoying the summer, and is quite a ladies man! Thought you would enjoy this picture! Thank you again." 

Finn's Family


(July 2015) "Hi! We are sooo happy with our dog Beans! We adopted him last November and he's doing great! He made friends with out neighbors dog. Thank you guys really for the great things you guys do!"

- Bean's Family

Professor Plum (now Smokey)

(July 2015) Professor Plum(now Smokey) is doing great in his new home! He loves playing with his canine sister(sccr alum, Jewell(now Lucy) and his three human girls. He is doing well with learning house manners and channeling his love of toys and retrieving to burn off his puppy energy! We love him so much, thank you Second City!

- Smokey's Family

Lambeau (now Arnie)

(July 2015) "Lambeau and his new mommy!! He is going to be one spoiled pup!"

(August 2015) "Lambeau, now named Arnie, is doing fantastic! We are best friends, and I can't imagine my life without him! He is the cutest. Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to give Arnie a better life!"

Arnie's Family

Leonardo Da Vinci (now Ozzie)

(July 2015) Leonardo Da Vinci (now named Ozzy) went to live with his forever family today. We know that he will have a great life with such a responsible and caring family. We are so happy for all of them!

(Ju;y 2015) "Napping after our training class. Ozzie (Leonardo) is fitting into our family perfectly. We all love him so much. Thank you for rescuing him."

- Ozzie's Family

Yoshi and Mario

(July 2015) Yoshi and Mario with their new family! They were adopted together

Birdie (now Zoe)

(July 2015) "Today is a year since our lil Zoe (Birdie) came into our family! She has been nothing but a blessing! Thank you for rescuing such a precious soul!!!!" 

- The Zihas (Zoe's Family)

Willoh (now Alabama)

(July 2015) Willoh, now Alabama, with her new mom & dad last night. She has 2 kitty siblings which she seems to be getting along well with. From her mom: "Alabama is doing so well already. She listens. Both the her and the cats are respecting each other's space. This is going to b a very happy family!!!"

- Alabama's Family

Miguel (now Bowie)

(July 2015) What a great action shot!! "6 month Bowie (formerly Miguel) handled his first fireworks like a CHAMP." 

- The Hunters (Bowie's Family)


(July 2015) "Hello! Just wanted to share Abbie's 11 week old picture!! I am SO happy with my new companion!! Thank you SO much!!" 

- Karen (Abbie's Mom)


(July 2015) "Luigi with his new family!!" 

- The Jarvis' (Luigi's Family)

Tallulah (now Tess)

(July 2015) "Dear SCCR,
This is a picture of me on my adoption day 1 year ago and a picture of me this week when mom took me hiking at Starved Rock. Thanks for rescuing me so I could become the happy and healthy pup I am today!
Tess (SCCR Tallulah)"

- The Linnings (Tess' Family)


(July 2015) "Pugly is part of the family and right at home!" 

- The Audrains (Pugly's Family)

Trudi (now Rumer)

(July 2015) Rumer (SCCR Trudi) has settled into her new home and loves hanging with her new big brother! Here she is with one of her "gazillion" toys! 

(August 2015) "RUMER aka "Trudi"...enjoying her new "Pajama Jeans"'

(August 2015) "Our little "Graduate"...Rumer (aka Trudi)"

- Rumer's Family

Schwimmer (now Cramer)

(July 2015) "Cramer (previously Schwimmer) is thriving and growing every day. We love him immensely and can’t imagine how we lived without him (even with all the trips outside and nibbled rugs). He is such a good dog and house training is coming along. He loves the nearby park, playing with other dogs (especially his best friends Wallace and Winston who are husky and mastiff puppies and much bigger than he is, but play with him really well), walks around the city and sleeping on the couch. He’s even become a bit of a celebrity with lots of neighbors knowing him by name and people taking pictures of him. Thank you for letting him rescue us. He’s a wonderful dog and you all are a great organization."

- Cramer's Family


(July 2015) "We just adopted Kali today and we absolutely love her. She's made herself right at home. Thank you!" 

(July 2015) "Kali enjoying her new bed with her 'baby'. Day 3 in her forever home!"

(July 2015) "Took Kali to doggy day care today for a few hours for the first time and she loved it. She's wiped out. Haha. She got to play with both the big and little dogs but loved the agility course the best. They said she did awesome and absolutely love her! So do we! "

- The Johnstons (Kali's Family)

Al Poochino (now Bicks)

(June 2015) "One year ago today we got this goofball. We love him to pieces!!! Thank you SCCR for all you do!!!" 

- The Skarzynskis (Bick's Family)

Stanley Cup

(June 2015) "We had our first night with Stanley Cup! He is so sweet, and loves giving everyone kisses. We are so grateful to you for all you do! Thank you for helping us add love to our family." 

- The Lucios (Stanley Cup's Family)

Freeman (now Neener)

(June 2015) "Been one wonderful year since I adopted this little cutie (Neener/Freeman). We just wanted to say hi and that all is well!!!!" 

- Jennifer (Neener's Mom)


(June 2015) "Zeke loves the water!! He loves his yard!!" 

- The Biagiolis (Zeke's Family)

Skylar (now Harley)

(June 2015) "We adopted Harley, formerly known as Skylar, one year ago he has brought so much joy and laughter into our home.......thank you Second City for rescuing this little guy he is truly a joy and has made our home complete!" 

- The Williams (Harley's Family)


(June 2015) "Nlah, queen of the "cat" beds and Echo, Miss kiss-o-lot enjoying a quick break before playing the next round of who's toy is it. (It's mine, no it's mine...) We are so happy to have these girls as part of our family!" 

(June 2015) "Echo and sister Nlah had no idea other "dogs" could be sooo big!! However, they did appreciate Zevida's choice of coat color!"

- The Bieringers (Nlah's Family)

Jack Daniels (now Louie)

(June 2015) "Thank you so much SCCR for bringing Louie (fka Jack Daniels) into our lives 5 weeks ago. We think that living in a foster home (as opposed to a shelter) has helped him make a smoother transition to living in a house. He is SUCH a sweetheart, a good boy, and a goofball. We feel like he was meant to be in our family." 

- The Borges (Louie's Family)


(June 2015) "We're celebrating 1 year with Pedro! He has a "cigar" in honor of his anniversary!" 

- The Churchills (Pedro's Family)

Pisces (now Addison)

(June 2015) "Thanks for helping us start our little family!"

- Addison's Family


(June 2015) "Doesn't get much cuter than this! Love our baby, Ruby!"

- The Maloneys (Ruby's Family)

Jasmin (now Cali)

(June 2015) "Jasmin (now Cali) is doing great after her first day in her furrever home"

- The Laus (Cali's Family)


(June 2015) "We love the new addition to our family!! Little Wrigley is adjusting well and is such a good boy!"

(July 2015) "Wrigley making new friends with the cat, (after a long day if puppy training). He's gained 15 lbs since we adopted him over a month ago! Our little puppy is getting big."

- The Ziemanns (Wrigley's Family)


(June 2015) Kayla, one of our AMAZING foster homes, just got this update on one of her former fosters! "Hi Kayla, Hope you and your family (including canines) are well. Gage likes to play with Sylvester, though not as often as Sylvester wants to. Fortunately, Sylvester has several regular playmates at the dog park and Tim takes them almost daily. We love him very much and couldn't imagine our lives without him."

- Sylvester's Family


(June 2015) "Here is Cloud with his new family!!" 

- Cloud's Family


(June 2015) Love it! Stephanie and her family is one of our amazing SCCR foster homes! We couldn't do what we do without them!!! "It's been just over a year since we made it final and adopted Crosby, one of our many SCCR fosters. I'm so happy we did too! I couldn't imagine our home without him. We love you Crosby!!!"

- The Pavliks (Crosby's Family)

Kasha (now Lumen)

(June 2015) "My baby girl Lumen formerly known as Kasha. She couldn't fit in any better!!" 

- The Ashlocks (Lumen's Family)

Princess Peach

(June 2015) "3 happy kids. Princess peach is our new love, she is doing so well with her new home and life." 

(July 2015) "Peach is the smartest, sweetest puppy around. We wouldn't trade her for the world! Thanks for being a great organization! We love our girl!"

- The Meisingers (Princess Peach's Fmaily)

Troy (now Midnight)

(June 2015) We're pretty sure Troy (now Midnight) is really happy to have found his forever home! Thanks for adopting from us! 

- Troy's Family


(June 2015) "Look at SCCR alum Echo with her bulldog brother, Buckeye! Her family loves her so much."

- Echo's Family)


(June 2015) "Got this little guy a few weeks ago from Second City and just love him. Second City does an amazing job at rescuing dogs in need, but also does an incredible and thorough job of taking care of their health needs before adopting them out. The fact that they are fostered and not caged in a facility makes for a healthy dog. By fostering, the dogs get socialized and also their "likes and dislikes" are known for better permanent home placement. Second City is the place to check if one is looking for a new companion." 

(June 2015) "Here is Ernie with her "sis." She is hyper and he is very chill!" 

(June 2015) "Ernie is just a happy guy who turned six months...thank you SCCR for this great little dude."

(July 2016) "Little Ernie is not little anymore!!"

(September 2015) "Cannot stop feeling grateful to SCCR for getting this once little guy from Puerto Rico to my all are wonderful...Little Ernie"

- The Costas (Ernie's Family)

Clancy (now Dexter)

(June 2015) "Tomorrow marks 3 weeks since we brought this little bundle of joy into our home! We love Dexter (Clancy) !!" 

(July 2015) "4 months with this little munchkin. Thanks SCCR!"

(August 2015) "Our little baby is a graduate! So proud of our boy, Dexter.

- The Keallys (Dexter's Family)


(May 2015)  "Thought you would like an updated picture of Lana! Taller and longer than her sister Nellie (who is 3.5 by the way) and Lana is just about 6 months....Turns out she is a St Bernard, Beagle, Lab and Australian Cattle Dog!"

(June 2015) "Can you say doubled in size? Our Lana is getting bigger! She is the talk of the doggie day cares she goes to - loves to play (although most her age are a lot smaller then she is!)"

- The Guinees (Lana's Family)

Floyd (now Seamus)

(May 2015) Floyd, now Seamus, is living the good life

(June 2015) "We've had Seamus (aka Floyd) for just about three weeks! In that short time, we have found him to be friendly and playful with other dogs, a lover of peanut butter and naps on the couch and gentle when eating and taking treats. Most important, he adores our 2 year old daughter. He quietly checks up on her throughout the day, and sleeps with her at night until he's sure she's asleep.
We can't thank you enough for this beautiful boy. We are so lucky!"

- The Singhs (Seamus' Family)

Monkey (now Toby)

(May 2015) Awww "Hi Second City. I wanted to share Toby AKA Monkey a Second City Alum, he's with his bestie Sadie. He totally thinks he shares the bed with her. He's the best boy ever and he is living a happy life. He wanted me to tell you he hogs the bed!" 

- The Kranz's (Toby's Family)

Larry (now Louie)

(May 2015) "Louie aka Larry enjoying hugs with his brothers." 

(August 2015) Someone is looking handsome!! "Louie's aka Larry first haircut!"

- The Spallas (Louie's Family)


(May 2015) "A hello from Murphy!" 

- Murphy's Family

Cookie (now Mazey Mae)

(May 2015) "One year ago May 16th this blonde bundle of joy came into our lives and our home hasn't been the same. Mazey Mae (formally Cookie) has brought nothing but love, laughter, cuddles, and loads of licks. She also has made sure we never sleep past 6:30 am . Thank you to her foster mom Judy and SCCR for knowing we would love and spoil her everyday." 

- The Thurnau-Vaughans (Mazey Mae's Family)

Shawna (now Gilly)

(May 2015) "On the left is Gilly, FKA Shawna, adopted in March of last year from Second City Canine Rescue. She is happy here with her "twin" sister, Skipper. What a lovely and fuzzier home we've had since adding Gilly to our family." 

- The Seamans (Gilly's Family)

Bongo (now Freddie)

(May 2015) Freddie (formerly Bongo) wanted to say Happy Mothers Day! He also added "P.S. please don't be mad about the mud." 

- Freddie's Family


(April 2015) "Last April, we adopted Chula into the family. This April, we were fortunate enough to add another family member! As you can see, Chula is already a loving and protective older sister " 

- The Glassbergs (Chula's Family)

Easter (now Daisy)

(April 2015) "One year ago today we adopted our little Daisy (Easter). Actually she chose us! From the moment we saw her she locked those big brown eyes on us, gave us paw and licked us. We knew she was a keeper! Thank you SCCR for all you do and for rescuing her and choosing us to be her furever family." 

- The Calderons (Daisy's Family)

Bozo (now Harold)

(April 2015) "One year ago today our furry son became part of our family - and what a difference he has made for us! Happy Adoptaversary, Harold (SCCR Bozo), we love you so much!! Thank you Second City Canine Rescue for rescuing Harold and thank you Hannah Martin for fostering him!" 

- The Spades (Harold's Family)


(April 2015) "Thanks for our wonderful new dog Maya SCCR! Here she is with her big sister Jessie (the lab)" 

- The Pieroths (Maya's Family)

Pumpkin (now Layla)

(April 2015) "It was one year ago today when Layla(aka pumpkin) found her forever home and our lives haven't been the same. She is a wonderful dog and keeps us amused." 

- The Hixs' (Layla's Family)

Danzig (now Toby)

(April 2015) "It's Toby's aka Danzig's 2nd birthday! Thanks SCCR, we love our sweet boy!!" 

- The Hanischs (Toby's Family)

Tinker (now Cheerio)

(April 2015) "Today is Cheerio's (Fka Tinker) 2nd year adoption anniversary! The bottom right picture is the day I adopted 2 years ago! I love him SO much! He loves his doggie day care (I sometimes watch him via webcam at work ) in the city, and he also loves his 2 semi new siblings (Foster failures). My whole family loves him so much, and he is very happy! Thank you for rescuing him!" 

- The Schreiners (Cheerio's Family)

Alvin (now Conan)

(April 2015) " Conan has been with us 2 weeks. He & his fur baby brother, Max, are loving hanging out together. Thank you for completing our family!" 

- The Frisbies (Conan's Family)


(April 2015) "Gretchen is being such a ham! Her version of helping mommy and daddy with wedding decorations is wearing them and smiling!" 

- The Behrendts ( Gretchen's Family)

Gotham (now Jax)

(April 2015) "Handsome Jax (fka Gotham) and his buddy enjoying this beautiful Easter Sunday." 

- The Rodgers (Jax's Family)

Zeke (now Skip)

(March 2015) "Zeke, aka Skip, is doing great! He's settled right in with our 2 cats, and although he's still a little shy, he's definitely making himself comfortable in his new home. He's also having fun with our toddler and learning important dog lessons such as the importance of strategically placing himself under our son's high chair. He's really a sweet dog, and a great addition to the family."

- Skip's Family


(March 2015) "Hi Second City! Watson is doing very well in his new home! Even though he looks so sad in his photo, he really loves that bunny toy. He loves all his squeaky toys, the special treats we got for him (freeze dried beef! Yum!) and he loves snuggling up on the couch with us as much as he can. He's doing great picking up on his name and is an absolute dream on walks. We can't get enough of him! Thanks Second City for bringing him into our lives! "

- The Andersons (Watson's Family)


(March 2015) "It has been one year today that I adopted the love of my life Oreo. He came to me a scared ,frightened little boy! Today he is so happy, joyful and so funny. He brings so much happiness into my life.Thank you Second City Rescue and Marcy for making it all possible. You are a terrific organization and really take the time to ensure that all the dogs go to their forever home. So thankful!!!!!!" 

- The Battaglinis (Oreo's Family)


(March 2015) "We can't believe it's been a whole year since we adopted Addison. She has really come a long way since we first got her. Her and Sheffield are inseparable and enjoyed wrestling in the snow this winter. We are so happy that we added her to our family, even if she took a lot of patience!"

- Addison's Family


(March 2015) "Hello Second City Canine Rescue!
I wanted to give you an update on Jack (formerly Al).
He is doing fantastic!!! Wow! What a great little guy! He fits in so well with our family. Bella loves him as well and she has become much more playful and happier.
Jack is so smart. Catching onto his name. Playing with toys. He is even beginning to understand leave it. Loves the backyard and going for walks with Bella.
Jack sleeps on the bed with Bella and myself. While only being 12 pounds, that boy produces a ton of body heat! He is right in between me and Bella.
Thank you so much for taking him in. It is amazing how quickly he has stolen my heart and bonded with the family. We could not have asked for a better addition!"

(October 2015) "Happy Halloween from Jack (formerly Al)!!! He matched several of the trick or treaters!"

- Al's Family


(March 2015) "Bruce (SCCR Bruce) on his 1 year adopt-a-versary. We're also counting it as his birthday. He really liked his cupcake!" Happy birthday Bruce from all of us at SCCR!

Waiting patiently for his toys

- The Strombergs (Bruce's Family)

Jovie (now Piper)

(March 2015) "4 months ago I met and fell in love with a shy and timid little pooch. Piper (formerly Jovie) stole my heart. She has completely broken out of her shell. Loves going to the park and going on runs, doing anything for a good treat, but most of all, she loves cuddling on the couch to watch tv. I simply cannot imagine my life without her now. Thank you Second City Canine Rescue for giving me the chance to give her a home." 

- The Narbonas (Piper's Family)


(March 2015) "Freddie wants to say Hi!!! He is so happy with Mommy!!!! " 

- The Petersens (Freddie's Family)


(March 2015) "Payton is exploring her new deck and loves her new bed. Sammy is her new sister and they get along great!"  

- The Kompass' (Payton's Family)

Ronnie (now Buddie)

(March 2015) "Happy One Year with your forever family Buddie (formally Ronnie)! Thank you SCCR!" 

- Buddie's Family


(March 2015) "Hello Second city! My name is Ami. I was adopted by my mom a little more than a year ago today !! I'm such a big girl now.. Look at what a beautiful Shepherd I've become! My favorite hobbies these days are: chasing mom's cat around the house, and pretending I need to go to the bathroom every 5 minutes! I have so many people who love and care about me and am such a happy girl. I think I heard mom talking about getting me a furry brother soon .. More updates to come!" 

- The Faiths (Ami's Family)

Rugby (now Herbie)

(March 2015) Herbie (formerly SCCR Rugby) is really enjoying the weather, too!!! 

(April 2015) "Herbie (aka Rugby) got decked out in his best formal wear this Easter!"

The Kings (Herbie's Family)

Norbert (now Rocky)

(March 2015) "Rocky (Norbert) and Gidget love taking naps together. (Note they've been trained not to take up the whole bed ). Thank you for letting him be part of our lives!" 

- The Schleefs (Rocky's Family)

Audrey (now Allie)

(March 2015) "We adopted Allie (a.k.a. Audrey) on Saturday at PetSmart in Schaumburg. She is perfect for our family! She loves her new bed. Such a sweet girl" 

- The Makis (Allie's Family)


(March 2015) "This is Bosley - we adopted him in October. He and Angus are best buds! Could not be happier." 

- The Kunzes (Bosley's Family)


(March 2015) "This is Casper, adopted him on Saturday at PetSmart in Schaumburg. He's fitting in great! Also, he likes to keep it classy by wearing bowties. It was his idea....." 

- The Birchingtons (Casper's Family)


(February 2015) "We adopted Willow 4 months ago and she is the sweetest fluffiest dog ever! Thank you Second City:)" 

(April 2015) "These three are crazy for each other:). Willow is such an amazing addition to our family!"

- The Randolphs (Willow's Family)

Chardonnay (now Kendall)

(February 2015) "Today marks one year since we fell in love with Kendall (Chardonnay) and she joined our family. Thank you, SCCR!" 

- The Gross' (Kendall's Family)

Carson (now Hamish)

(February 2015) "Here's our Hamish ("Carson")! 1 year ago today this snuggle bug came into our family. Even the cat loves him! Thank you, SCCR!" 

(August 2015) "Hamish's (formerly Carson) 2nd Birthday today! Thank you Second City for doing what you do so that this wonderful pup could become part of our family!"

- The Beins (Hamish's Family)

Archie (now Jasper)

(February 2015) "Jasper's (SCCR Archie) second adoption anniversary. Can't believe it's been two years." 

- The Kissels (Jasper' Family)

Sweet Sophie (now Lucy)

(February 2015) "Here is our rescue, Lucy (used to be Sweet Sophie) about a year after we adopted her from Second City Canine Rescue. She is such a sweet girl!" 

- The Lundys (Lucy's Family)

Sunshine (now Reagan)

(February 2015) "Reagan aka Sunshine on her first birthday at Nervous Nellies in Ft Myers Beach!" 

-The McCarthys (Reagan's Family)


(February 2015) "Gidget is all ready for the cold! (Her mom is not!)" 

- Gidget's Family

Brooks (now Charlie)

(February 2015) "Charlie (brooks) really likes "cold" days when everyone is home!" 

(August 2015) "We can't believe it's been a year since Charlie (Brooks) joined our family. Such a good and patient puppy!!"

- The Wickleins (Charlie's Family)

Royal (now Rutledge)

(February 2015) "Rutledge (Royal) turned 1 years old today! We have been so blessed having this wonderful pup in our lives since May. Thank You so much for letting us adopt & love him! (This was the best picture I could get considering delicious doggie cake was involved!!!)" 

- The Wapplehorsts (Rutledge's Family)


(February 2015) "Here is an update of our Star! Thank you again!" 

- The Rangels (Star's Family)

Lilac (now Shelby)

(February 2015) "Happy (belated) first birthday to Shelby (formerly Lilac (and sister of Skye/Dixie))! She is full of personality and smarts -- there is never a dull moment around here!" 

- The Conklins (Shelby's Family)


(February 2015) "Brady in one of his favorite places to sleep. We all love him so much and are so happy we were able to foster and adopt him!"

(June 2015) "We love Brady! Happy gotcha day buddy!"

- The Gear's (Brady's Family)

Skye (now Dixie)

(February 2015) "Happy Birthday to Dixie (formally Skye). One year old today. We're so glad that you rescued us!" 

- Dixie's Family


(February 2015) "Happy Valentine's Day, Chopper Loves his furever home! xoxo!" 

- Chopper's Family

Bobo (now Scrappy)

(February 2015) Happy 3rd Birthday to Scrappy (SCCR Bobo)!! 

- The Hadjuks (Scrappy's Family)


(February 2015) Well this is just... PAWSOME!!!!! "Kai (an SCCR rescue from Fall 2013) has successfully passed the test to be a therapy dog through Paws 4 Patients, an affiliate of Pet Partners. She successfully tested for the 'Complex' level with each of us (Kate Webster and Marsha East). A far cry from the dog that was transferred from Oklahoma where she spent 4 years of her life in a shelter." 

Kai's Family

Toby (now Archie)

(February 2015) "Happy Adoption Day to our little Archie. He's brought us more joy than we imagined." (Toby from Suzy's litter) 

(May 2015) I had Archie's DNA tested (formerly Toby of Suzy's litter, born Nov. 2013). Says he's a combo of Corgi/Miniature Schnauzer and Belgian Malanois/Terrier mix."

- The Chindbloms (Archie's Family)

Yard (now Bodhi)

(February 2015) Happy 1st anniversary to our Bodhi (SCCR name Yard/Chance) for finding his forever family!!! He was SO meant to be our baby boy and we love him SO much!!! BEST tripod on the planet! Thank you SCCR for bringing us together!!! 

(March 2015) "Bodhi (SCCR Yard/Chance) taking in the scents of the first day of Spring!!! He LOVES his car rides!!!

- The Roths (Bodhi's Family)

Morgan (now Hailey)

(February 2015) "One year ago today we adopted Hailey (Morgan). Today she is heartworm free & doing great. Thank you SCCR for finding such a sweet dog for our family!" 

- The Smets (Hailey's Family)

Phoebe Valentine (now Lexi)

(February 2015) "This is a check in for our Lexi formally Phoebe Valentine, she is coming up to her 3rd birthday and our 1st anniversary together, she trotted into our house, our family and our hearts like she knew she always belonged there. Lexi has turned out to be the most loving dog, with her energetic comical ways she gives us great laughs and with her loving ways, she keep us smiling. I could not imagine life without her, she is a true joy." 

- Lexi's Family

Dave Growl

(February 2015) "Dave Growl is thinking of warmer days. Dave enjoyed our move from a townhouse to a 3 acre farm. (Adopted 2013)" 

- The Stevens (Dave's Family)

Susie Lou (now Maggie)

(February 2015) "Hello!
Maggie (Susie Lou) is doing amazingly well. We feel so fortunate to have found the perfect dog for us. She's been getting lots of walks and we are working on some basic training with her.
As you can see from the photo, she is very playful. She loves to play fetch, and loves her toys. She also knows how to relax - she spends lots of time by our sides, curled up and fast asleep, totally at peace.
Most importantly, she is very happy, and has already made herself an integral part of our family. It's true love!
We are so thankful for the work you do, and for matching Maggie up with us!"

- The Warren's (Maggie's Family)

Wyatt (now Baxter)

(February 2015) "Baxter (Wyatt) turns one this month. He's gone from being a floppy eared tiny puppy last May to a handsome young man who loves to cuddle and warm our feet! Our family is so grateful his life was saved by the work of Second City Canine Rescue. Baxter is grateful, too ... But really, he'd rather you just adore him and tell him how handsome he is." 

- The Pavliks (Baxter's Family)

Gail (now Lucy)

(February 2015) "Lucy (formerly Gail) has been with us for a month, and we're all thriving! She had her first post-adoption grooming today and wants to show off her new bow!
Thank you, SCCR for helping us add another great dog to our family." 

- The Andersons (Lucy's Family)


(February 2015) "Absolutely in love with our little Mattie girl. Thank you Second City!" 

- The Kallis' (Mattie's Family)

Mister (now Barkley)

(January 2015) "Thank you SCCR for helping Barkley (Mister) find his forever home with my family 1 year ago yesterday. We can't imagine life without him!"

- The Lynns (Barkley's Family)


(January 2015) "Thank you, Second City Canine Rescue, for finding me the perfect family! I have been playing with my sister all day (that's her in the background). I am looking forward to giving you updates from my forever home : )"
-Benny Breslin 

(July 2015) "Benny loves having a sister to lean on : ) We are so lucky to have him apart of our life! Thank you, Second City Canine Rescue!"

- The Breslin's (Benny's Family)

Cloe (now Nola)

(January 2015) "Nola (SCCR Cloe) graduated top of her class and cant wait to do some agility classes!"

- Nola's Family


(January 2015) Adopted Trix looks so loved already!

(April 2015) "Trix, all tuckered out after a day enjoying the nice weather and her new back yard. Squirrels are cowering!"

- The Hutsons (Trix's Family)


(January 2015) "Gibson came home today and it already feels like he has been here for awhile. Loosing my dog last month we were heartbroken and Gibson made us smile the moment we met him. Thank you!" 

- Gibson's Family

Prancer (now Rodney)

(January 2015) Prancer's dad sent us some adorable photos that we'd love to share with you! This handsome devil looks like he's adjusting well to his new home (and new big brother!)

(September 2015) "This goof whom we adopted about about 8 months ago turns one today. Happy Birthday Rodney (Prancer)"

- The Vaart's

Tessa Mae

(January 2015) "Just wanted to share this pic of Tessa Mae. She does like bones and toys!"

(March 2015) Way to go!!! "We are so proud of our sweet Tessa Mae who graduated today. Thank you Second City for bringing this wonderful companion into my family's life!"

- The Pilchers (Tessa Mae's Family)


(January 2015) "Bartholomew after his first day at training.....decided to go bed at 730...." 

- The Kings (Bartholomew's Family)


(January 2015) "This guy is such a sweetheart and loyal friend! He's a cuddler! We love our Duffy!"

(March 2015) Ha! Happy Early St. Patrick's Day SCCR Family!!! "Duffy is all ready for St. Patrick's Day!"

- The Krauses (Duffy's Family)


(January 2015) "Tomorrow marks Kermit's one year "re-birth" day! What can I say other than this little guy is my best friend. He got me through a bad breakup, the loss of a job, and we moved together all the way to Jersey City, NJ for a much more amazing job!! I don't think of it as I saved Kermit ... Because he truly has saved me!" 

- The Ilenes (Kermit's Family)


(January 2015) "With temps as low as they've been the past few days, I realize my boy was found wandering the streets of Chicago last winter. I don't know how long he was at CACC before coming to us through SCCR, so I'm not sure if he was outside during the brutal days last January. But watching him zoom back to the warm house after potty breaks simply makes me smile. Together, we saved this sweet boy's life. Happy almost 1-year "gotcha" day, Harley! Fostered mid-January 2014; foster-failed February 1, 2014"

- The Milners (Harley's Family)


(January 2015) Winter update from Bud. "I got sick of carrying him through the snow. He seems to like the new boots more than being carried as well." That a boy Bud.

- Bud's Family

Kaluha (now Maggie)

(January 2015) "Maggie (aka Kaluha) just celebrated her one year "re-birth" day with us. She is such a happy girl and we are so happy to have her in our life."

- Maggie's Family


(January 2015) "It was one year ago yesterday Bellisima came into our home and our hearts, and has given us love, happiness, loyalty, and some good laughs! She has been a great addition to our family, and she loves playing with her brother Oscar. We love our Bella girl very much! Thank you SCCR!"

- The Vitales (Bellisima's Family)

Bentley (now Henry)

(January 2015) Bentley (now Henry) went to his forever home yesterday! So happy for this little guy!

- Henry's Family

Fili (now Lou)

(January 2015) What's this crazy white stuff? We didn't have it in Alabama...but I LOVE it!!

(February 2015) "Lou has graduated!! On to bigger and harder classes!"

(June 2015) "Tomorrow marks 6 months since this big goofball came into my life. Every day he makes me laugh. And every day I am thankful for SCCR rescuing my Lou (fka Fili) and allowing him to be part of my family. Thank you so very much!

- The Gerwigs (Lou's Family)

Coco and Chanel

(January 2015) Cuddling sisters, Coco and Chanel. They love each other!

- The Adairs (Coco and Chanel's Family)

Mitsy (now Sadie)

(March 2015) Here's an update from Sadie (SCCR Mitsy) and Lucy's mom. "The girls had a play day plus bath, hair cut & nails today love their matching pink bandanas."

- Mitsy (Sadie's) Family

Harper Lee

(February 2015) SCCR Alum, Harper Lee, is supervising shovel-duty in her forever home!

- Harper Lee's Family


(January 2015) Moosey was one of our lucky ‪#‎SCCR‬ dogs who found their forever homes this weekend!! Moosie came to us all the way from Cypress and now has a loving family to call his own!

(July 2015) "Such a good boy sitting pretty. We've had Moosey for a month now. Such a love bug, but quite the bed hog, lol. He absolutely loves going for walks, but wants nothing to do with water other than drinking it. Rain - nope, wet grass - nope, garden hose - nope, water bowl - yep!"

(August 2015) Way to go, Moosey!!! He received his Certificate of Achievement today for his Beginner class!

- The Inglesbys (Moosey's Family)


Chewie was adopted almost 2 years ago. In his foster home, you might recall seeing the picture of Chewie laying his head in the baby's lap. We are so happy to see he has not lost that special touch. Good boy, Chewie. We're proud of you.

- The Taschs, Chewie's Family

Coralee (now Coraline)

UPDATE (January 2015): "Coraline is growing fast! She loves puppy playtime every evening and we can't wait to start social time once a week at the local pet store! Coraline will begin water therapy after the 19th per Dr's orders and she will start puppy preschool/obedience training after the 19th when she will have the last of her shots! She is truly a blessing and is loved so very much! Thank you!"

UPDATE (June 2015) Coralee came into Graham's Pet Depot this weekend for a visit. She's gotten so big from the tiny puppy she used to be.

-Coraline's Family

Han Solo

(January 2015) Han Solo (left) in his new home with his new sister, Shelby, and his new "magic legs" from our amazing friends at Paws to Embrace.

- Han Solo's Family


First Update (April 2013) - Hey guys and gals! Sofia and Colby are now bestest buddies and spend all their time together. Thank you soo much for finding our little boy a forever companion and giving him back his wag...Keep up the good work, we'll be sending some friends your way soon!

- The Tarsios, Sophia's Family

Prince Harry (now Cacher)

First Update (April 2013) - Photo Only

- Prince Harry (Cacher's) Family

Rayne (now Olive)

First Update (April 2013) - This is Olive (formerly Rayne) playing with her new sisters. She loves her new home and family!

- The Shuklas, Rayne (Olive's) Family

Miley (now Leo-nee)

First Update (Aptril 2013) - Leo-nee (Miley) is doing great! She is my 'energizer bunny.' As you can see from the pictures, she enjoys her toys and is a happy little girl. She spends her days keeping our home safe from 'killer bunnies.' She is doing much better on the leash, thanks to our second week of 'beginner training'. Thank you so much for bringing her to into our lives.

- Miley (Leo-nee's) Family


First Update (April 2013) - Photo Only

- The Demziens, Maximus's Family

Phillip (nw K.C.)

First Update (April 2013) - "Hello to all at Second City from King K.C. (formerly Phillip). Thank you so much for checking on me, I am doing very well here in Carpentersville with my Mom. I have recently been to my Vet, and my Mom has is including the Doctors report so you can see what a healthy boy I am. She also is sending you pictures of me doing what I do... I love to ride in the car and go to the dog park in Sleepy Hollow. There is a Dairy Queen on the way home, and I almost always get a Pup Cup. I spin in a circle when I get brain freeze, but never seem to learn my lesson, yum yum! Brrrrr!!!

I like to ride in the car, even if we are not going anywhere, (see photos),silly me!!

I have lots of toys to play with and drag them all out every day, ""play until you drop"", that's my motto. Other than that, if I am not napping on the couch, I am playing ""scare the squirrel"" at the patio door.

Thanks again for checking on me,

A note from Mom,
K.C. has filled out a little bit more over the past year. He has put on some muscle, but not much fat. The Vet was very pleased with him. We went to obedience class last year, and he was a star. He has turned out to be a very good boy, calm (no thunder shirt necessary) THANK GOD, happy and healthy.

Thank you again for all of the hard work you do to save these little guys, and find them good homes. I know that a Dog has the ability to look in your eyes and melt your heart, I also know they can look in your eyes and break your heart....

You do good work,"

- The Walkers, Phillip (K.C.'s) Family


First Update (April 2013) - Below is a picture of me, Chloe, her aunt and aunts doggies. She had a wonderful afternoon playing with her new friends at the doggie park and chewing on her rawhide and new elephant toy. Thank you for this wonderful love muffin who will forever change our lives. You guys made this a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

- The Dingees, Chloe's Family


First Update (April 2013): Long overdue - but here are some photos to show you how much Bruno has grown these past 4 months. He was 8 weeks and 17 lbs when we adopted him. Now he's 6 months old and 57lbs! Bruno is so good with other dogs, kids and people. He goes to doggie daycare often and the handlers just love him - they say he's one in a million :) We've made sure he's had lots of new and positive experiences during these formative months. We just began obedience training - and with just one day of practice we can now take Bruno for a walk while drinking a mug of coffee! He's so smart and sweet. We love him so much. He has brought us lots of joy.

Much thanks for all the good work you do!

- The Phillipss, Bruno's Family


First Update (April 2013): I hope you, Mariche, your boys and Finn are all doing well! Thank you so much for being a volunteer and foster family for SCCR - what a terrific contribution you are all making to the greater good!

Stoops is officially Stoops. Our oldest daughter, who lives in Atlanta (home of the Braves...), confided that she was hoping to use the name Hank for her first dog, so we went back to Stoops.

Now for the update - Stoops is not a shy dog! He is cautious, but he likes to have fun! He has an impish way about him, and he is very playful. He and Ernie play a lot, and he seems very, very fond of Ernie. Remember the worried look he had on his intake photo? We rarely see that look anymore - in fact, most of the time he looks like he's smiling. (All I have to do is think of his little face and it makes me smile.)

He has mostly gotten over his fear of floors, and makes his way around the house easily. He loves to be groomed and almost falls asleep when I brush him, as if he's having a massage. He walks well on a leash and has not had one accident in the house. He approaches other dogs and people carefully, but in a friendly way. Once he is sure they are okay, he is more confident.

His first visit to the vet's went very well - our vet and his staff practically fell over themselves trying to please Stoops and make him feel safe. Dr. Green was on the floor with Stoops in his lap and Cheryl, an assistant, petted him throughout his exam. No wonder he was relaxed! He is also getting along very well with our dog walker - who became an instant Stoops fan.

Unfortunately, Stoops made a run for it when a cleaning crew arrived at our house 2 weeks ago when we were not home. They had been introduced to Stoops earlier and instructed beforehand on how to enter safely, but weren't fast enough. Stoops spent a fair amount of the day exploring Hinsdale on his own, but was safely returned to us by a neighbor who corralled him in her yard after she spotted him playing with a golden retriever across the street. He had a Village of Hinsdale tag on so it was easy to identify him. We were so grateful to our neighbor for being alert. We have made changes in the way the crew enters the house to prevent this from happening again. Also, Obedience Training classes started last night - we're taking them through the Hinsdale Humane Society. We will be working on how to manage ""the door"".

All and all, Stoops is terrific! We love him and are looking forward to his progress with training. He really seems happy, and it's gratifying to see him relax and enjoy his new life with us.

Thanks again -

- The Shivelys, Stoops's Family

Magic Mike (now Charlie)

First Update (April 2013): We adopted Charlie (formerly Magic Mike) last month and he has been a great addition to our family. Charlie makes us laugh all the time! He has so much energy and loves to play with his big brother, Shadow.

- Magic Mike (Charlie's) Family

Shannon (now Lexi)

First Update (April 2013): Lexi is doing fantastic, loves playing with the kids.Loves her new big yard .Going to sign up for puppy training this week.

- The Malkinskis, Lexi's Family


First Update (March 2013): Our first family photo! We love our little Starr

- The Jones', Starr's Family

Bobo (now Scrappy)

First Update (March 2013): SCCR Bobo now Scrappy graduated Beginner class today :) Julio Medrano is the BEST trainer so we are continuing with him in two weeks for Intermediate

- The Hadjuks, Bobo (Scrappy's) Family


First Update (March 2013): Domino relaxing and enjoying his new favorite chair! We are now a complete family thanks to SCCR!

- The Goldmans, Domino's Family


First Update (March 2013): Just wanted you to know that Teddy is doing great...a perfect fit for our household. He has had no trouble with the grain free food I picked up for him. I gave him a bath with the shampoo in his bag. He is a great dog!!

- The Gabss, Teddy's Family

Garth (now Buckley)

First Update (March 2013): Here's Buckley (formerly Garth) getting some love from his new family. He's doing great and getting lots of attention!

- The Bikes, Garth (Buckley's) Family

Kelly Ann (now Lucy)

First Update (March 2013): Lucy (formerly Kelly Ann) & her new sister Jessie are getting along great! Lucy has been an amazing addition to our family!! Thank you Annette for all the love you gave her before coming to our home

- The McColaughs, Kelly Ann (Lucy's) Family

(May 2015) "Jessie & Lucy (SCCR alum, Kelly Ann) excited to go to MI for a weekend of running, boating, & swimming."

Ariel (now Nellie)

First Update (March 2013): We adopted Nellie (formerly Ariel) a little over a month ago. She is a wonderful puppy! Nellie is loving, smart, and playful. We love her very much. Thanks SCCR!

- The Lorenzs, Ariel (Nellie's) Family


First Update (March 2013): Today is the one year anniversary of when Bear joined our family! He has proven to be patient, loving, and playful. A perfect addition to out crew! Thanks Second City Canine!

- The Perells, Bear's Family


First Update (March 2013): Blake is doing great. He is very social, loves people and other animals. He is also very intelligent. He completed puppy training class and is moving on to the adult class. In the eight weeks he has been with us, Momy has taught him eight tricks. He shakes, gives high 5 and high 10. Blake will sit, go down, lie on his side, and roll over. He will sit with a treat on his nose and take it when told. Blake walks wall on a leash. He heels, stops and sits when we stop. He also stops and sits when a car approaches. He loves to chase frisbees and balls. He also likes to chase the cats, which we are working with him to go slow and be gentle with them. He is still a puppy and doesn't understand that he is bigger than them and plays a littl rough, but he is learning he needs to slow down and responds to us when we tell him to slow down. he is a good boy and we love him very much. We are very happy to have him as part of our family, and he is happy to be with us. Thank you Second City.

- The Clarks, Blake's Family


First Update (March 2013): Our new family members are settling in very nicely! Ace arrived last night, and he and Jenny are already like old pals. They've had quite the time racing around in the muddy yard, and were very good on their walks today. Sage, needless to say, is having the time of her life! She keeps singing to them about being ""the best dogs in the world."" She cuddles and plays with them, both.

I am looking into doggie classes for Ace at Nurture Your Pets, in Yorkville. I also put out a request for recommended trainers to my neighbors.

We've been so busy playing, cuddling, wiping paws, brushing....(you get the idea), that we've just gotten around to using the camera. I've attached a couple of photos, and will continue to keep you in the loop.

Thanks, again, for the wonderful work you do!

- The Spayers, Ace's Family


First Update (March 2013): Here is Riley, the dog we are lucky that found us a little more than three months ago. Since she came to live with us she has really come out of her shell. She still loves to lay on her bed, but now also enjoys running and jumping in the snow, looking out the windows, playing with toys and chasing those pesky squirrels! She has been on a trip to the woods of Wisconsin where we discovered that she loves to run and be outside! She has become a part of our family and even has over nights and Grandma and Grandpa's house with Jake and Anna her favorite kids! We are so glad that Riley joined our family and can't imagine life without her.

- Riley's Family

Candi (now Emmy)

First Update (March 2013): We recently adopted Emmy (formerly known as Candi) on February 25. Her foster parents were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gallios.

Little Emmy is doing great in her forever home. It did not take her long to sleep through the night. She is learning potty training pretty well including ringing her bell to go out. We are doing quite well with crate training and basic commands such as sit and stay.

We love her dearly and she seems to be quite at home. She is friendly to our visitors and will meet our daughter's dog this coming weekend.

Big thanks to Harry and Sue Gallios, they were great to work with

- The Jenkinss, Candi (Emmy's) Family

Lightning (now Wrigley)

January 2013: Wrigley, formerly Lightening, was such a good boy for his first bath at the groomer, that they called him a Rock Star. Don't you agree? Just think he's not even 3 months old!

- The Luetys, Lightning (Wrigley's) Family


December 2012: Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.......Christmas Eve night at home.

- Brutus's Family

St. Nick (now Jake)

December 2012: Just wanted to update you and let you know that St. Nick did stay home with us this afternoon, and is on his way with us to his first family b-day party already! :) He is the perfect addition to our new family, so thanks again for everything this afternoon. We'll keep you guys updated with pictures!

- The O'Connors, St. Nick (Jake's) Family


April 2013: Chance is making himself at home, but he really does NOT like to have his picture taken!

- The Linkas, Chance's Family


We adopted Caramel (now Ramey) in July 2012. 

We absolutely love Ramey! She is very smart, playful and sweet. She has finished two obedience classes and will soon finish her third agility class. She loves agility!  She is very coordinated, confident and likes to be challenged. 

Unfortunately her senior companion, Harley passed away in January. He was so patient with her; her favorite game was to stalk him. Maybe in another year or two we will be able to find Ramey a companion.

Thank you to you and your foster families who give your time and hearts to these wonderful animals.

- Robert, Diane & Danny, Caramel (Ramey's) Family


First Update (March 2013): Hi! 

Juliet (now Roxy) turned 1 on December 6th.  She is a great dog.  She is extremely sweet and good natured.  She lives with my human family, of course, and with our 2 other dogs.  She has tons of energy and keeps us very busy!  We all love her dearly, except when she wakes us up at 5am to pee!!!

- The Goldens, Juliet (Roxy's) Family


March 2013: TEDDY (aka Leo) and BEAR had a blast playing I'm the snow today!!! Everywhere they went, their paws collected snowballs haha! Afterwards, we put them both in the tub bc of the clumps of snow on their feet- they just chilled in the hot tub relaxing. It was hilarious. My husband said, "should I turn on the jets???" Lol!!!

First Update: Cole, Bear, and I adopted Leo (now Teddy) today and couldn't be happier with our new family member!!! Thank you for providing us with the opportunity to adopt such a great puppy :) Bear and Teddy have been playing fetch all day. I have a feeling both of them will sleep VERY well tonight. Teddy has already had a bath, a haircut, a long walk around the neighborhood, dinner, and a lot of kisses. He loves his new home and already accepts it as his own. We will keep you updated with pictures and progress. Thanks again!

- Sarah, Leo's Mom


Just wanted to check in with you and give you an update on Capone (now Tucker).  I can’t believe he’s been with us for almost 7 months! He still is puppy through and through! Tucker completed obedience school and did very well (once he stopped chasing the other students, including a 90-pound bloodhound). If we could harness his energy we would never have to pay another electric bill! 

His happy-go-lucky attitude makes his tail wag so hard his whole back end goes with it. He loves to go to the dog park to run and play with the big dogs. At 40+ pounds, Tucker is a big lap dog, liking nothing more than to climb into someone’s lap and snuggle (he’s not picky), especially if our other dog, Molly is there. He still likes to chew on (and eat) just about anything, including towels, shoes, pens, Kleenex, and his sister “Molly”, but we are working on directing that toward “appropriate” items, like Kong, Nylabone and other dog toys. He is the perfect dog for us and we look forward to many more years with him! 

Thank you and all of the wonderful SCCR volunteers who dedicate their time and talents to our furry friends!

- The Bowden's, Capone (Tucker's) Family


February 2013: Josie went to her furever home yesterday she is having a blast with her new furry playmate Cider & her new awesome family

First Update: Just an update to inform you that our adopted dog Josie is doing fine. She's been to the vet twice, once for checkup, once for shots. We're signing her up for dog training with Fox Valley Dog Training Club. And the vet says she's two weeks older than you had thought - her adult teeth have started to come in. He said our kids could pick a birthdate; they chose 10/3/2012.

She and her buddie, Cider (also a rescue from Almost Home Foundation), get along great! They play outside everyday in our large yard for 15-20 minutes about 6-7 times a day! And there is the usual tumble with the puppy toys inside that seems to go on forever. Thankfully, there are a few puppy naps everyday. The kids adore her and have been pretty good about taking her out, etc.

Thank you for all you do.

- Kate Otto, Josie's Mom


Our one year anniversary with Lucky (Now Dexter) is on March 18th! Here's Dexter - he owns all furniture inside and out, and gets along with his sister dottie a very bossy boston terrier. We love him to death even after he has chewed half of our life up, lol! Keep up the good work, you guys are great!

- Frank, Lucky (Dexter's) Dad


I'm doing great. I got a Purple Pig for Valentines Day & it took me 10 min to destroy the "oinker"! Yesterday I went to a giant dog park in Waconda & I was off-leash for the first time. IT WAS AWESOME!! My friend Nuk (an Alaskan Malamute) kept an eye on me & we met/smelled so many dogs! And my forever mom said I was running like a Cheetah!! I am very fast, ya know. I'll send more updates soon. Miss U. 

Luv U, 


Snow White (now Cleo)

First Update: Snow White, now Cleo, is adjusting well and being spoiled by her new "siblings" Alyssa and Jake.  She is getting used to her new home and becoming more curious every minute!  We are looking forward to many fun years ahead! 

- The Nowaks, SnowWhite (Cleo's) Family


It's been four weeks since Ben, or "Benjamin Freckles" when we're feeling more formal, came to join our family.  He loves to snuggle in a warm lap, play fetch with his toys and romp in the snow with his new neighborhood dog friends.  He has started puppy obedience classes and is proving to be a very smart boy!  He's settled into our household so nicely and it seems like he's always been here with us.  Thanks, SCCR, for bringing this little guy into our lives!

- The Weakland's, Ben's Family


Emmett (formally Luke), is three months old now and is growing to be a smarty pants. Since the two weeks he has been a part of our family, he has learned 6 new tricks! The toy in the picture is his baby sully and Emmett loves him dearly. He loves being around dogs and is extra sweet with kids and babies. We are very blessed to have found our companion, Emmett, and I look forward to spending many years with him. :)

- Rachel Rion, Luke (Emmett's) Mom

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie (now Winnie), is doing amazingly!  She is an incredible addition to our family.  She is very loving, playful and makes us laugh.  She loves visiting our local dog park and gets along with every dog and human she meets.  She does not like when we have to leave her but does an excellent job behaving herself while we are gone.  She picks up new tricks very quickly and is super smart.  As you can see in this photo her and Spencer have become best buddies and like to snuggle up together.  We have recently found out that she is Beagle/Brittany Spaniel.  She loves to hunt for things in the backyard, bury her toys and treats and "points" when she sees a squirrel or bird she is interested in. We couldn't have asked for a better dog!!  Thanks SCCR, we will be sure to bring her by an event in the future.

- Mary Kaina, Pumpkin Pie's (Winnie's) Mom


March 2013: Daisy (formerly Diamond) makes the cutest bunny impression. We just LOVE our girl, and can't thank SCCR enough. Happy Easter!

First Update: Damond, (now Daisy) is loving the snow! She gallops like a Clydesdale with her enormous paws clearing a path. She likes to bury her nose in the snow too! 

Daisy is just a big bundle of love! She tends to back away from Rob if I'm near, but she's a pro on the leash for him and always comes around to get her belly rubbed. She's great with the boys and they love her very much. We are so fortunate to have her, and for you and SCCR!

- Diamond's (Daisy's) Mom


- Shawn Hertzig, Jasmine's Dad


Dan and I wanted to send you a note of thanks for helping us find Ruby. She is a wonderful dog, and is already loved a ton by our girls and by us too!  We don't have a family picture yet, but wanted to pass along this picture of our oldest and Ruby, who are already good friends.  We plan on keeping in touch, and staying involved in the organization as much as we can with a young family. :)

Thanks again for everything!  

- Vicky Stella, Ruby's Mom


We had a wonderful experience in adopting Joanie.  She is a wonderful dog and we are forever thankful for having her in our lives.  Joanie has grown to be over 50lbs. so far.  She has completed 3 "puppy" training classes and is doing well.  She gets plenty of exercise with her newly adopted sister "Kelsey" who is a month younger.  They are beautiful to watch.

- Michael Wurster, Joanie's Dad

Sara and Carlos

Sara and Carlos (now Beau), have three human sisters missing and they can't wait to meet them.  We have had them only 2 days and they have settled right in.  Thank you Nikki and family for taking such good care of them while they waited to come to their forever home!  Two weeks ago we had never heard of SCCR and now you changed our lives.  Thank you!

- Pam, Sara and Beau's Mom


March 2013: Sully (Willie) has been home for just over a month now! He's the best dog a girl could ask for in my opinion :) He LOVES to play in the snow, had to share this picture!

First Update: Just wanted to let you know that Willie (now Sully) is doing great here!  He's become best buds with Ducky and is my little shadow!  I took him on a run today (brr!) and we even got stopped by another dog owner to say how good looking he is!  Needless to say, he's a hit :)  Thank you again for rescuing him and letting me be his forever home, he's amazing!  Here's a bunch of pictures from our first day.  Have a wonderful weekend!!

- Meg, Willie (Sully's) Mom


- Lindsey Wittersheim, Beau's Mom


January 2013: Michelle (now Harley) is now all of 21.5 lbs. Such a little thing, but we love her dearly. Her daily training sessions with Daddy are going very well and she understands most of the basic commands. One of Harley's favorite things to do in this cold weather is go for walks with Mommy and then coming home to a nice warm fire in the fireplace. Whenever Daddy makes one she knows its "just for her". Here are some up to date pictures of her. We hope you enjoy :)

November 2012: We are happy to report that little miss Harley has accepted us into HER family. From what we can tell we make very good "litter mates". Shes especially has her daddy wrapped around her little paw. We love her so very much and are so grateful to have her as our furever pet :)

- The Elkins, Michelle (Harley's) Family


March 2013: Bourbon (formerly Ripley) Update - he is getting bigger and officially taking over our couch with all his toys :)

January 2013: Hi guys! Just wanted to send a quick update on bourbon (formerly Ripley). We started obedience school last week and he is doing great. He has even made a (massive) friend. See picture!

December 2012: I wanted to send some updates and pictures of Bourbon (formerly Ripley). We have had him for a month now and things have been going great.  He is definitely getting comfortable in his new home and we have learned a lot about him. We have not learned his breed. Since he has only gained 2 lbs (now he is a whopping 26 lbs ha ha) the vet tells us he is not going to get much bigger.  The vet thinks he probably has some terrier in him and that is why he is so tiny.  Their best guess is Boxer, Shepard, and Pittie.

When we first got Bourbon he was very unsure about the car and now he loves it!  Especially sticking his head out the is hilarious. He has met some good friends including my parents 9 year old Golden Retriever, Murph, and two pitties that seem to love him as much as we do. We start obedience school on January 11th and I have no doubt he is going to kick butt. He is very smart and already knows sit, stay, and right paw/left paw.  He is very good at fetch and loves his new backyard.  Overall, he has been a delight and a very good pup.

Here are some pictures for you guys – Enjoy :)

November 2012: I wanted to thank you and all your wonderful volunteers for helping us with our adoption of Bourbon (formerly Ripley) on Saturday.  We were having a very hard time choosing between him and Brutus and everyone was so helpful and patient with us.  We are so happy that we could work with such a great organization and rescue such a handsome pup (spoken like a new mom).  He has been nothing but great since we brought him home and I know he will be a wonderful addition to our growing family.  I wanted to especially thank Tracey, Harry, and Sue for all their help.  We look forward to working with you in the future and we will continue to send updates and lots of pictures of Bourbon your way. Thank you!

- Christie and Ed, Ripley (Bourbon's) Mom and Dad


Here are a few pictures and an update on Charlie. From day one it seemed that he has lived here all his life. He enjoys running around and exploring his new back yard. He gets along great with his sibling dog Lucky and cats Allie  and Frazier. He can`t wait to go for his daily walks and sits quietly or sleeps on car rides. Our groomer said he was very good at being bathed and cut. Our vet said he is in good health except for his teeth which are being cleaned on Friday. Charlie is a very loving dog that enjoys lap time and nap time on any couch, chair, bed or dog bed that's available. We are so glad that we found Charlie at SCCR. He is a wonderful addition to the family.


- Diane and Matt MacIntosh, Charlie's Parents


Just wanted to let you guys know that Primrose (Rosie) has adjusted so well to her new home.  She definitely has many visitors and is the highlight of our day.  She has been really good and just a joy for all of us.

We have attached some photos so you can see for yourself.  Thanks for the joy you brought back into our lives.

- Bob, Eileen and Claire, Primrose (Rosie)'s Family


Hello Gang at Second City, 

This is a wee bit overdue, but we wanted to let you know how our new member of the family is doing. 

Bashful (now Lexi Sprinkles Prince) is quite possibly the sweetest girl EVER!  We are all madly in love with her and we think she's pretty fond of us, too! She is a healthy, good little girl who goes potty outside, loves her crate, her kong toys, and is always up for a good old fashioned belly tickle.  We are starting classes soon so she can learn some more good habits -- but she is already working on sit, wait, off, and paw. 
It has been fun reading up on Lexi's siblings (AKA The Seven Dwarfs of Mama Zoey) on the SCCR website.  We would love to continue to see updates from her sibs!  

Thanks to everyone at SCCR for your compassion for these animals and dedication to your work!  We are so lucky we found Lexi!

- The Prince's, Bashful (Lexi's) Family


February 2013: Elliott The Great's favorite spot in his kingdom for sunbathing.

First Update: Meet Elliott, our Wonder Dog! We are so happy to have him as our newest family member. He loves our big back yard and seems to fit right in. Oh, did I say we brought him home today! A special thank you to Kelly and Justin for being awesome foster parents. We will stay in touch to be sure.

- Jan, Elliot's Mom


- Jerry Svarz, Joe's Dad


Yoshi (formerly Wall-e) is doing great. He has brought so much joy to us all! He still likes to eat wood and has completed two levels of training at Petco. He's HUGE! He's a great dog and we love him more each day.

Thanks again for choosing us to be his FOREVER family!

- The Keely's, Wall-e (Yoshi's) Family


Shelby is doing great. She is so sweet, happy, and well behaved.  We love her so much! Thank you SSCR!

- Neal and Becky, Shelby's Parents

(February 2015) Shelby and Tebow, SCCR Alums, are looking great!!!


Please see attached picture of Ivy (formerly Patsy).  We wanted her name to reflect the Christmas holiday while keeping the ending the same.  Also, in honor of Wrigley Field....don't tell my dad who is a life long Sox fan .  Ivy is the greatest little dog and we all love her so much. Please thank John for taking such good care of her while she found her forever home.  Ivy has made friends with ALL the dogs in the neighborhood and particularly seems to like the Great Dane:-)  Ivy also seems to really like the squirrels.  She has been the absolute best for my mom and has relieved much of the stress for my dad.  I am greeted to the most wonderful welcome everyday when I come home from work - Ivy knows she'll be going for a nice long walk (2 miles) as soon as I change my clothes.

Thank you for all you do for the homeless animals - I really think they know they've been blessed with a second chance.  If you ever need anything please do not hesitate to ask. Merry Christmas and a Very Happy and Healthy New Year to you and all of your volunteers. 

- Kelly Corryaka, Patsy (Ivy's) Mom



Firstly, I wanted to say thank you for allowing us to adopt Matilda.  She is just amazing!  The kids named her officially Matilda Margaret Dombrowski.  Mostly we call her Mattie, but she's also known as Mattie Moo, Mamushka, or the weasel (she can worm her way into or out of practically anything).  I truly mean this when I say... she was meant to be a part of our family. She basically stepped right in like she was always here.  She's a big fan of finding any stuffed animal she can sneak out of the kids bedrooms!  We take her for 2 walks a day to get her some exercise although truthfully with all the kids and action here at home I'm sure she looks forward to the quietness of our walks.  Her favorite places to be on either on our couch, bed, or one of the kids beds.  We can't wait to share the next 10 - 15 years of our lives with her.  Thank you so much!


- Cindy Dombrowski, Matilda's Mom


Dudley (formerly Peter) celebrating Christmas with his BFF Evan. Merry Christmas and thank you so much for bringing the Dudster into our lives!!

- Michelle, Peter (Dudley's) Mom


January 2013: Thunder is doing so well and we just LOVE him so! He is completely potty trained (he even rings a bell to tell us he needs to go outside) knows how to sit, shake, lay down, jump up, and get down, on command. He hasn't even taken classes yet! He's so smart and sweet. He will start classes next week though too. We are so happy to have him, thanks so much! Happy Holidays!

December 2012: Thunder (formerly Sneezy) is really getting cozy in his home and we are soooooo happy. He is such a sweet boy and very smart. We are so happy to have him. We've been wanting a dog for years and he is so worth the wait. He completed our family for sure! Merry Christmas!

First Update: I know it's only been two days but thought I'd share a few photos. We LOVE THUNDER!


- Jill, Sneezy (Thunder's) Mom


December 2012: Heres Diesel (formerly Sully) today enjoying Christmas with the family! all of our family had so much fun with him! he even convinced the family members that are afraid of pitties that they aren't so bad(; we love him to death!

June 2012: We are so unbelievably happy! Diesel is the best dog anyone could ask for. We knew right he wouldn't be leaving (he was suppose to be a foster!! (;  ) he is currently in training to get his Canine Good Citizen certificate and is doing great! Everyone who meets him loves him. He loves going to the dog park and is an awesome swimmer. He's my best friend(: Jacquie and Jen did a great job picking him out. I love this organization!(:

- Kaitlyn, Sully (Diesel's) Mom

April 2015: Three years and a couple weeks ago, this handsome fella come into the SCCR family. He won all of us over. How could he not with that face? One of our fantastic volunteers in particular (his foster mom) couldn't let him go. So three years ago today, she signed the papers, gave him a new name and an amazing life. Happy gotcha day Diesel.


Riley (formally Trixie) is very smart. Last night she let me know it was dinner time by banging her dish with her foot. She loves playing with her older 4-legged brothers...they had destroyed a bunch of stuffed animals! They run through the house and wrestle all the time. 

She is also getting more comfortable with strangers and men. She didn't even bark at anyone, including the men, when I took her to the vet for a checkup. 

Thank you! 

- Trinka, Trixie (Riley's) Mom

Jo Jo

December 2013: Pickles all decked out for Christmas.

December 2012: Pickles (formerly Jo Jo) graduated from her first class (although she still struggles with some of the commands). We are signed up for our second class starting in January. Pickles is very much loved by the whole family. Thanks SCCR!

November 2012: Update on Pickles. She already has a pecking order on who is her favorite. She loves to sleep with Annie, loves to play with Sarah and if the girls aren't around then she is Mom's constant companion. Of course when no one else is around Dad is her best buddy. Training has started but all in all Pickles loves her new home, clothes (her favorite  has a beautiful new winter coat  for those winter walks) and a family. Thank you Second City Canine Rescue, for bringing Pickles into our lives.

- The Kippes, Jo Jo (Pickles) Family


December 2012: Hello and Happy Holidays! My boyfriend and I adopted Jersey just about 3 months ago. What a wonderful addition he has been! I just wanted to let you know he's currently in training at Petco off of Army Trail Rd and has 2 training classes left. He won't be done at the 3 month mark so I just wanted to inform you that he is currently enrolled and doing great. Thank you and have a great Holiday!

October 2012: On a car ride home from the doggy park Jersey chose to crawl through the arm rest gap and ride in the nice shady trunk. He's such a good fit to our family! Him and Sassie just love sniffing around the local dog park and cuddling up on the bed at night time. Thanks so much for giving us the joy of Jersey!

- Tracie and Zach, Jersey's Parents


Riley (formerly Gretta) came to our home two weeks ago.  It feels like she has always been a part of our family.  From the beginning she has loved her bed and likes to lay there and have you pet her.  Actually she likes to lay anywhere and have you pet her!  When you lay down next to her, get ready for kisses!  Getting a dog is not a decision we came to quickly or lightly and now we know why, because we were waiting for Riley!  She is just perfect for us and we think we are perfect for her! 

She is such a good dog. When she came to us she was very thin and since we have had her she has already gained almost 2 pounds and the vet says she has a wonderful temperament! Going on walks is one of her favorite things because it gives her the chance to hunt out the squirrels she loves, but she never chases them she just likes to sniff them out and stares at them.  She also loves the other dogs in the neighborhood and when they bark hello, she just nods in reply.  One of her favorite friends is Cooper (formerly Jesse) who our neighbors also rescued from SSCR . 

Here is a copy of this year's Christmas picture.  The caption we wrote on the card is "Wishing you peace, hope & the belief that wishes DO come true!" Our wish came true when Riley came home! 


- Zach, Carole, Anna, Jake & Riley, Gretta (Riley's) family


Millie (formerly Grumpy) has grown quickly to lean and long 15 pounds at 13 weeks. She is a great companion, very lovable and playful. She is a bit shy around new people and we are working hard on socializing her more at this time. She is a very enthusiastic greeter, with plenty of licks for her family. Millie has learned to “touch” with her paw and to transfer that skill to touching a bell to go outside. Well, likely it is the treat, but she is definitely well on her way to learning to show us when she needs to go out. The first date she learned the bell, she probably went up and down the stairs 12 times in an hour in the hope of a treat. Millie also sits and stays and loves to play with squeaky toys. She also has a pouncing habit that makes us think she has a bit of lion in her lineage.

So far, the main challenge has been walks. She is not a big fan of the leash yet, often sitting and refusing to budge. Once we turn the corner toward home, though, she leads strong and knows exactly where her gate is. Lucky for us we have a decent sized yard so she gets plenty of exercise. Millie began sleeping through the night very quickly. Now she even seems a little reluctant to get up in the morning. I think she finds her crate to be very cozy. Millie also truly enjoys her back yard and we don’t think there is a stick or plant that she hasn’t tried to eat yet. Millie is an enthusiastic eater, and always seems to have a nice burp to show her appreciation for her dinner. She also loves to curl up on a lap at night and there is really nothing better than a quiet evening at home with a warm puppy keeping you warm. We couldn’t be happier.

- The Marvin's, Grumpy (Millie's) Family


Wally's adjusted well to his furever home. Here he is cuddling up with his sister Princess.

- Wally's Family


Just wanted to send an update on Olivia, who Matt and I adopted a year ago. She's all grown up! We actually re-named her Tea (pronounced like the herbal drink). Attached are a couple pictures.

Hope all is well and thanks again for bringing her to us, we love her so much.


- Mara, Olivia (Tea's) Mom


Scout (formerly Tracy) is happy as can be "pointing" at everything and chasing deer out of her yard.

She is pretty good - very good with her crate. We are still having some potty accidents in the house (never in her crate though) She seems to have tripled in size since we got her and is now starting to lose her baby teeth.....I will be really happy for the puppy/teething/training stage to be over.

The kids absolutely LOVE her. She is a pro at playing fetch - brings any object back and drops it at your feet. She's a natural.

- Claire, Tracy (Scout's) Mom


December 2012: Updated picture of Daisy! 

October 2012: Just a quick update on our girl Daisy! She is just wonderful! We've been enjoying getting to know her better and seeing her become more comfortable with us. She sure is a lover of humans!

She's on the FROMM's and eats 2-2.5 cups, 2x a day, and snarfs it done in seconds.

We had the family over on Sunday for Drew's 12th birthday and she was received by all with open arms. Even in the middle of the party when we had to evacuate to the basement for a Tornado siren, she handled it all without issue. With one exception when she was sniffing the plate of food in my sister-in-law's lap, Daisy didn't even attempt to go for the food that was out on the counter and on the table.

She's only had a few accidents, all within the first few days of getting her. We discovered she can easily jump the gates and LOVES the red couch in our living room (even with the cushions flipped). When I was mowing the front yard, she did dig a little at the gate to come join me. We are signing up for classes that will start in November. That will give all of us the tools to be consistent with her as well as see how she does with other dogs. The boys want to teach her to play fetch. She walks great on the harness and is starting to run the fence with our neighbor's dogs, so she is getting lots of exercise. Within a day of getting her, she started to shy away from Rob. So, he ramped up the lovin' by giving her treats with praise for things she does well (come, sit) and takes her for an evening walk every night. This has been great bonding for them, plus it's great exercise for both of them. All in all, she has really been very well behaved!

We just love her very much and couldn't be happier with how well she is doing!

First Update: An updated picture of our Daisy! She is doing great with crate training and we are talking about daycare for her, too! 

- Jeff, Daisy's Dad


Today, December 6 is Bella's (formally Rose) 1st birthday! We adopted her last February and she has been a joy ever since. She came from Kentucky and honestly she really has that southern charm about her, and she gives the best "hugs" ever! Happy Birthday Bella, and God bless everyone at Second City Rescue and all the fosters and those who adopt these dogs into forever homes! Merry Christmas from the Kirby family!

- The Kirby's, Rose (Bella's) Family


December 2012: Riley (formerly Abby) has been in Fido Foundations at the Bellyrub Klub in Lombard for the last 5 weeks (graduates next week!) and has made leaps and bounds.  She has been recommended to participate in their Agility class in the spring and we are definitely going to sign her up.  It has been so much fun seeing her learn (and learning myself). No one could take this dog away from me if they tried.  I don't even mind that she completely takes over our bed. :) 

First Update: Riley is such a sweet girl I can hardly handle it.  June 6th was her 6 month birthday—she’s growing up so fast!  She has so much puppy energy that she loves to spend giving kisses, going for long walks, and playing with the other dogs around the neighborhood.  Her favorite game is fetch, and she is getting better and better at catching her toys when we throw them to her.  Once she is tired she cannot wait to cuddle up with her mom or dad, or burry herself in her favorite blanket.  She is house broken, crate trained, and knows all over her commands very well (I have to brag a little…). Riley has lost all over her puppy teeth and now weighs 22lbs.  She’s a happy, healthy puppy and we could not be happier to have her.

- Kristin, Abby (Riley's) Mom


I was at the dog park this morning with Jesse (now Cooper), and snapped a couple of photos and knew you would want an update after 3 weeks and a day.  Well, Cooper is a fantastic dog and we are all very happy to have him as part of our family.

We had fifteen people at the house for Thanksgiving and he was just great.  I really think he feels at home here and we are very lucky to have such a gentle loving dog.  Cooper has adjusted very well to living here and enjoys our trips to the park and playing with other dogs.  He requires lots of exercise to wear down all that "puppy" energy.  Everyone who meets Cooper falls in love with him.

Thank you so much for entrusting us with one of your rescues.  While most people think the dog benefits most from the rescue process, it is really the household/family that receives the great benefit in this deal.  More photos to follow.

Thank you Jacquie, Jan, and Jim.

- The Fitzgerald's of BartlettJohn, Sally, and Shannon, Jesse (Cooper's) family


Love the shout out in the newsletter for Sammy!  Tracey was really awesome in helping us to learn about Sammy and make sure he was the right fit for our family.

Sammy is doing great!  We can't imagine our home without him.  We have two boys who are 6 and 8 and they absolutely love Sammy and play with him all the time.  Sometimes, Sammy even sleeps on their bed with them.  In the evenings he always chills out with my wife and I, usually on our lap. He is also a Chicago Bears fan.  We took him to training and he has learned to give us a high five when we say "Go Bears!".

Thanks again for a wonderful experience with the adoption.  He really has made our home complete.

-Sheila and Damien, Sammy's Parents


I told you I would get a picture update to you as soon as possible…My little sister came over today to do our family photo shoot! It was a little chaotic, but we got some really cute ones! I'm sure I'll be putting them on FB too :)

Violet and I started training classes on Tuesday and she had so much fun! I love the trainer, she is awesome, and has a lot of good info! Violet got a "Bonus Bone" for being most improved student by the end of the night! Lol  If you want, I can give you her info, in case anyone is looking for training classes out this way (she does them at Animal House Vet in St. Charles-Randall & Rt 38).

Violet is such a love bug and we are so thankful to have her in our lives! Thanks again SCCR!

- Lisa, Joe, Lola, Violet's Family


Jake seems to be settling in nicely to our routine. Thanks so much for taking that late call on Sunday! He finally settled in quietly for the entire night. The last two nights, it was some whimpering and a bark. It took only two trips down there and then he headed to his bed (a first) and was quiet until morning. Good boy! He is starting Beginner Obedience class at Fox Valley Dog Training Club this Thursday evening. Very excited to see how he does.  He's doing so well inside the house. He's needed very little correction and is responding to commands on the first or second try. Even Nick told him to Sit and Wait before I did and he complied quickly! He is the biggest cuddle love bug. He loves to drop down at your feet at the couch and have a snooze. He was actually snoring yesterday! He loves to follow us around all over. For his size, I'm continually surprised at how he's not a bull in the china shop, he moves easily and gently around everyone. He's been very good about sitting and waiting to head out the back door. We've been working alot on Fetch, Come and Drop it. The kids really like watching him succeed with those! He seems very happy in the yard.  

Overall, he's exceed my wildest expectations for how he's adjusting so far given all the changes he's had recently. No doubt in great part to your help to us! We couldn't love the big love more!

I've attached a few pictures, more to follow!

- The Kackert's,  Jake's Family


Hi! We wanted to let you know Samson is graduating obedience class this Saturday and he will have his CGC! Attached are some pics from our class last weekend. He's such a good dog in class! We also went camping this summer. Attached is a pic of Samson, me, his brother Kramer ( the boxer ) and sister Gixxer on our camping trip. Thank you again!

- Sandy and Ray, Samson's Family

(April 2015) "Happy 3rd birthday Samson!"

Ginny (now Lulu)

April 2013:We were on vacation when you sent this but I finally got around to it today. Lulu (Ginny) was at Grandma's in Iowa rolling in the mud- which as a white dog seems to be her favorite spring time activity!

We have finally sold our house in Illinois and moved to Wisconsin and she has adjusted well to the new house. Of course she had a skin reaction to the new carpet and we had to keep her out of the basement and on allergy meds for a couple of weeks- I never knew dogs could be so high maintainence!! We started joking that she needs to start her own twitter called @whitedogproblems

She seems to have gotten so big but is still pretty tiny compared to other pit bulls that I see at her doggy day care.

We are getting ready to start another round of training to work on some leash manners. It seems that she just discovered that she is super strong and wants to drag us all around so we want to nip that before she starts thinking she's the boss around here!

I am attaching some updated photos. I still think she's adorable. Everyone loves her wherever we take her, she just has one of those sweet puppy faces that just tilts to the side and says, ""love me, pet me!"". She wiggles her entire body and tries to sneak onto your lap too- like you won't notice an extra 50 pounds :)

First Update:Just to let you know she is doing wonderful!! She fits in our family perfectly. She spends every Tuesday morning at a puppy playgroup and has just finished her first session of dog training. She was a little shy around the other dogs at first but runs to the door wagging her entire body now! I'm pretty sure we got the couch potato of the group but she does still have enough puppy energy to keep us on our toes! I'm attaching a pic of her with our daughter who is convinced that she is a fashion diva dog just because it's adorable!

Happy Thanksgiving!

- The Bakers, Ginny (Lulu's) Family


First Update: Hello everyone at Second City.  Thought I'ld give an update on Lexi and some pics.  We are now in our 3rd week of puppy class and Lexi is doing well.  She loves the end of class so she can have playtime with the others Her favorite part of her class is getting to know different objects--she loves running through the tunnel!!! She is doing well with our other dogs and is also getting trained for the electric fence.  She is doing really good in the front yard playing within the flags and loves chasing the other dogs.  The back yard is a little harder--too many squirrels and birds to lead her astray!! Thank for giving us the pleasure of having Lexi.  We all enjoy her and laugh a lot at some of her sillyness.   (She loves playing in the water bowl!)

- Jan, Lexi's Mom


Here is a picture of Finn, (formerly Arthur), at almost one year. For my birthday my family did a genetic test for fun to see his lineage. He is predominately Boxer and Border Collie with a small dose of Pharaoh Hound and Setter. I thought the other owners of his two sisters would find it interesting. I believe one sister was named Aspen by her forever home. He is a great addition to our family!

- Aaron, Arthur (Finn's) Dad


November 2012: An updated picture of Dylan (Rocky)!

First Update: He did great all night....slept in bed with Heather and me. At midnight he woke up and out we went...tinks...back to bed then when the alarm went off....which sounds like birds.....he wondered what that was...we all got up and out we went...tinks again....good dog....then food....out .... booms and on and on...they both are doing great. He sort of looks like a Dingo...don't you think?? He's cool. and smart!

- Heather, Rocky's Mom


We are proud to announce that Mango (formerly Harry) has graduated from obedience class 1! He is a great puppy, who loves to say hello to every human and animal. We absolutely love having him and can't wait to see how much more his personality grows. It sure has been a fast 2 months!

Thanks for everything. 

- Amanda, Mango (Harry's) Mom


October 2012: Dudley got to go hiking at Starved Rock! He had a blast : - )

First Update: Hi SCCR!

Just wanted to give you an update on our beloved Dudley. He is PERFECT! We love him so much and are so glad you found him for us. Every day gets better with Dudley. He loves mornings, life, fetch (ball and frisbee), holding court in his yard, jogs, food, treats, snuggles, toys, his French Bulldog buddy Pete and WATER(showers, sprinklers, lake)!! Chewing on his bone now....

A few pics of the Dudster are attached.

Thank you!

- Kelly, Dudley's Mom


Obi (formerly known as Tim) has been such a wonderful addition to our family. He is an avid long distance runner, you may see him on the Illinois Prairie Path in Lombard. He just set a new distance personal record of 10 miles today! This summer we took him camping in Wisconsin and he was so good. He loves catching his football and chewing on antlers. During the day, he loves staring out our front windows and keeping watch over the neighborhood. He is 72lbs and we love every ounce of him. Thank you SCCR for all that you do!

- Leslie and Bill, Tim (Obi Wan's), Parents

(February 2015) Obi Wan Jacobi, yes, this is the coolest name ever, wants to show everyone how big he has grown!!!. (SCCR Alum Tim) He was a SUPER cute and shy pup that was fostered right when we started SCCR and now he has moved to Florida, is an avid runner, and loves his new human sister Emma! We love updates!! Thanks Jacobi Family :- )


Just wanted to let you know that Aggie I doing great with her new best buds Cinnamon and Hunky. She is going to start training on Sunday. I also want to thank everyone at SCCR for all of your help to match us with such a great girl. I also want anyone who’s looking to adopt or foster to know that SCCR is a first class organization. They are dedicated to dogs and matching great dogs with forever families. Thank you to everyone at SCCR.

- Marty, Aggie’s New Dad


Sky definitely caught our eye when we attended the dog event that Second City Canine Rescue was having. Sky is doing great! She is such an awesome dog. She is housebroken. Buflyn our 4 year old Boxer definitely loves that she now has a playmate/buddy. They love to cuddle and sleep on each other all the time. LOL! Sky loves to follow us around wherever we go in the house. She is pretty much at our side, especially Brenly my wife’s side at all times since she works from home. We love taking the dogs for walks and Sky definitely enjoys being outside. Buflyn and Sky love to run around my in-laws backyard and just play like there’s no tomorrow. Everyone loves Sky’s color we get lots of complements on her. There’s your occasional OH NO she’s a Pit, but we don’t care we love Sky so much and couldn’t be any happier with our decision. Sky is very good around other dogs, is just a really chill dog, doesn’t take her long to warm up to you that’s for sure. Thanks to her foster parents Michelle, Tony, and Gianna for doing a great job with her. We are currently in Basic Obedience training with her at Bark Avenue in Bartlett. We just finished up our 3rd week of training. Sky is picking up on the things very quickly and learning the commands, she is a really smart girl. We plan on enrolling her into Advanced Obedience training upon completion of the Basic class.

We want to thank“ SECOND CITY CANINE RESCUE” for doing what they do, it’s so awesome that these great dogs are in foster homes while they find homes for them. Special thanks to Jacquie, Jennifer, Michelle, Tony, and Gianna for matching us up with Sky, we are so happy with her. We also want to thank all the volunteers of Second City Canine Rescue for the time they provide these awesome dogs. We are glad to have found you all.

PS. Don't believe everything you hear in the news about Pitbulls. : - ) Sky is awesome, and we couldn’t be any more happy with her. People just need to learn more about them before passing judgment on them. That’s what gives them a bad rep.

- Orlando and Brenly, Missy (Sky's) Parents

I think Sky (formerly Missy) just wants to know when she can eat these stuffed toys

Darcy and Deana

Darcy and Deana went to their forever home together!

- Kathy, Darcy and Deana's Mom


Butterscotch (Lucy) plays at Lake Carroll with her extended family! She is a doll!

- Kathi, Butterscotch (Lucy's) Mom


- Krista, Denny's Mom


- Mike, Athena's Dad


- Julie, Asher's Mom

Molly and Maddie

- Mona, Molly and Maddie's Mom


We decided on Delilah....girls call her Yiya :) she's been a good girl!!!

- Jennifer, Hermione (Delilah's) Mom


Jasper is the best dog! Thank you for bringing us together!

- Kristen, Jasper's Mom


November 2012: Jax says hello! He had an awesome summer and is doing really well in his obedience training (he loves the work!). He has boundless energy that is keeping his parents on their toes, but we couldn't love him more.

First Update: Jax enjoying his new home! 

- Shelly, Jax's Mom

(January 2015) "Happy 3rd Adoption Day/Birthday to our little baby dog, Jax! He had filled our lives with spunk and love, and we couldn't be more grateful to SCCR for finding him for us. Thank you so much!" 

(April 2015) 

An update on Adopted SCCR Jax who is in an amazingly loving adoptive home! Sweet Jax has been going through some health issues and his adopters gave a us a great update today that we HAD to share!

"We are so relieved that 5 weeks after an FCE (basically a spinal stroke), Jax is really doing well. He was paralyzed in the hind end, and thanks to laser and water therapies, he slowly recovered feeling to all limbs (we were so happy to see him wag his tail!). The doctors say he may never be exactly 100% in his weak leg, but it's ok because he can walk and he is happy! And he's still getting better every day, so we have faith in his determination to persevere. We always knew he was amazing and special, and he proved it to us even more during his trauma. He is a lucky boy who got round the clock love and care while he got back on his feet, literally!"


This is Aspen (formerly Maggie!)

- Michael, Aspen's Dad


Here's "alum" Phoebe in mid-air flight at her sister Mocha after the last snowfall.

- Andrew, Phoebe's Dad


This is Amore, now Bentley!

- Ashley, Amore (Bentley's) Mom


Tank got a baby sister!

- Kim, Tank's Mom


Hello SCCR! Just wanted to send another thank you and update on Mango (formerly Harry, of the Harry potter pups). We've had him for about a week and he's been the greatest addition to our family. He is no longer scared of his big brother (the cat) and loves to go for walks - when its not raining. We start obedience class on Saturday the 15th and we are confident he will be the most well behaved puppy in his class. :)

Thanks again, we absolutely love him!

- Amanda, Harry (Mango's) Mom


April 2013: Hello from Sleepy Simon!!

First Update: Simon is home & doing great!

- Mary, Simon's Mom


Clyde is doing so well.  He's getting to know the neighborhood and feeling more and more at home every day!  He loves going for walks and playing at home.  Like a good terrier, he lusts for the thrill of capturing any small creature, but luckily he's only been able to practice with toys inside.  Still, whenever he gets into stalking mode on outings, you can't help but to hear Elmer Fudd saying, "Be vewy, vewy quiet.  We're hunting wabbits!"

- Kathryn, Clyde's Mom


November 2012: As Milo & I were walking the other day, I started thinking about Thanksgiving and how grateful I am to you for bringing our boy home...AND I just wanted to let you know...He has settled in beautifully and we think he truly feels like a "Spindler" now!

We "graduated" (by the skin of our teeth) from beginner obedience last week and we might join another fun class over the winter (for something to do) - he is a smart guy and works hard to make his Mom look "good" :)When we're counting our blessings, you and SCCR are among them.  Many thanks again!

First Update: Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know what a joy Milo is…  He has stolen our hearts and we have spoiled him rotten (as of this writing, he has been left alone about 4 times now and just hates to see us leave - are we creating a monster???  :)  The vet has given us a clean bill of health (we are parasite free!) and we will start looking for obedience training classes this week (Nick leaves for school on Monday). He's looking a little less "naked" now and we think he has put on a few pounds (I'll probably get him weighed this week). Thanks so much again.

- Julie, Tim & Nick Milo (Ruger's) Family


April 2013: Just wanted to say thank you. A year ago today, I adopted Bud and I couldn't have asked for a more perfect dog. You guys are the best!

First Update: Good to hear from you. Bud is doing fantastic! He really is the best dog. The only time he's not at my side is the 8 hours I'm at work. Other than that, he's either sleeping next to me, laying next to me, or standing next to me at all times. Everyone who sees him on the street always stops to pet him and ask about him. He's quite the crowd pleaser. He is also the poster boy for a gym that I'm part owner of. He has become a crowd favorite there as well. I've included numerous pics, mostly of him sleeping because he does quite a bit of that, but a few from him at the gym as well. In regards to training, I was walking him one day and a Chicago Police Canine officer stopped and started talking to me. He ended up offering to train Bud a few times a month so for the past 3 months, we've been meeting once a week or every other week for training. He gives me exercises to do with Bud and it's amazing how quickly Bud has picked up on everything. He's great on the leash and is just a pleasure to have in my condo and at the gym every day. I never have to worry about how he's going to act around people or other dogs because he's so sweet and with a little training he's become the perfect dog.

I have been singing your praises anytime people ask where I adopted Bud from. So I'm hoping that of the many people I have told, a few will look into your great organization and adopt the wonderful dogs you guys have.

Thanks again for letting me adopt the GREATEST DOG EVER!!!!!

- John, Bud's Dad


Just wanted to let you know we celebrated the "boys" birthdays on July 3rd - Bizet (Patrick) is one and Mozart is 4!  Bizet is such a joy and so happy - whenever you look at him you can't help but smile.  I have to try to get a picture of him leaping (like a gazelle) in the backyard ever so happily as he runs across it. I have enclosed two pictures, one is of both Mozart and Bizet (See above) and the other one is when I was working and he had to sit behind me...and didn't move when I got up!

Thanks again for such a wonderful dog...

- Sandi, Pat, and Becca, Patrick (Bizet)'s Family

Katniss (now Lacey)

Lacey (formerly known as Katniss) has become an awesome part of our family. She is doing great! She loves to go out for short walks (3x's day) and she never meets a stranger. Lacey really enjoys the attention she gets every where we take her. We have worked with the trainer, Mike, at Bark Ave. Daycamp in Bartlett. Lacey will not begin her puppy class until late Aug., but she already sits on command!

We are lucky and very happy to have such great puppy! Thanks so much and we hope to see you and your team at the Bark in the Park event.

- Vickie and Amanda, Lacey (Katniss)'s Family


Happy 4th SCCR!! Marley has truly been a Rockstar of a pup! Still no accidents, loves going for walks, rides in the car, random adventures with mom and dad and cuddling!!! Ryan and I have been so blessed to have found Marley, or rather have him find us. As we gear up for our September wedding, Marley will surely play a part in it! We had our first experience at a parade today and Marley stole the show, and a few hearts as well! Thank you Jana, Jacquie and and the rest of the SCCR team!

- Shawna and Ryan, Marley's Parents



Just wanted to follow up one more time and let you know that my family arrive a few weeks ago (its taken me a while to get this email out :) ) and are absolutely 100% in love with her. No problems there at all. And she herself is doing great. She's really turning into a great dog to have around. She's the top student in her obedience class, and is already starting to mature. I'm amazed.

She's growing too. She's at 22 lbs now! Actually you might be interested in hearing, we tried one of those DNA kits you can order to get a hint at her breed, and it came back saying she's mostly golden retriever, with some gordon setter and some other breeds mixed in there. That's a little surprising if it's true! Personally, going by her looks and temperament I wouldn't be too surprised if she was a retriever-poodle mix, with some other goodies thrown in there.

We love her so much and are doing everything we can to make sure she's healthy. But anyway, I just figured i'd drop in a line one more time just to let you know she's doing well and is meshing very well with the family. I hope you've been having good luck finding homes for the rest of the dogs in your care. Thanks again!

- Lauren, Cannoli's Mom


Hi all from Nellie (Bruna!)Just a little update from me.  As you can see My foster Dad comes to see me all the time because I was adopted by his Mother and Father.  I love my new home. My Dad takes me to the park twice a day and I really love playing with other dogs.  My next door neighbor has people that comes to see me everyday and I always go on walks with them even if im tired.  I have learned that I love the water and my Mom and Dad are the best.  They took me to training and I I can have a treat on my paw and not even eat it until one of them says its ok. Thank you Second City Canine Rescue for finding me such a loving and safe home!!

- Harry, Bruna (Nellie's), Foster Dad


Jaycee is growing up to be healthy, strong, motivated (to play of course) young dog. He has graduated from his Pet Smart training course and is doing wonderful, he has me fully trained. Jaycee is now captain of his boat (see pic) and is enjoying his large backyard kingdom. He enjoys playing ball, running, walks in the woods and fine dining. He is friendly to everyone and of course other animals. Did I say he enjoys a good tug of war game ? He does. Jaycee and I walk up to 'All Things Woofs' about once a month to say hello and will make a special guest appearance if needed!

- Brian, Jaycee's Dad


Penny Lane (formerly Ruscia) is great! She is HUGE :) and still growing! She loves swimming and playing at the beach. She is super laid back, totally a lover. Sometimes she can be a little sassy and mischievous, but it's just because she is so smart! Basically, she knows that she's adorable and can win her Mom over with kisses and cuddles when she wants something. There is a puppy that lives down the street from us that is the same age and size as her. They are best friends and have play dates as often as possible. We love Penny to pieces and can't image life without her! She has been the perfect addition to our family!

Hope all is well! Talk to you soon.

- Natalie and Jimmy, Ruscia (Penny Lane's) Parents


Delilah just turned 7 months old on June 5.  She is such a sweet girl - awesome personality!  I think she likes it here with me and her big brother Mongo.  She loves to play with him and race him when they play fetch with her favorite toy in the yard.  She's a handful - but I wouldn't have her any other way!  She's getting so big - three weeks ago, she weighed in at 55 pounds!  She is an awesome addition to our little family and I'm so blessed to have found her through SCCR.  You all do amazing work and I'm glad to have connected with you to save this amazing girl!

Thank you to you all!

- Karin, Delilah's Mom


Annie (formerly Sandy) is doing great. She came thru her first heartworm shot with flying colors! She loves going for walks and has met all the dogs in the neighborhood.  People say she is a very mellow and well behaved. And we haven't had a single accident in the house. She has only barked once since she got here and thats because a strange man (the meter reader) was in her yard. Very happy with this one! I think I'll keep her ; )

- Sandy, Sandy (Annie's) Mom


Henry (formally Russell) is doing wonderful! We completed puppy socialization class at Paw Law in Roselle and are in our second week of obedience class. Our teacher is Ed and she LOVES Henry. He is a smart boy and we are planning on agility classes next.

We go to the dog park in DuPage County just about every morning. Henry has made many friends and everyone there has enjoyed watching him grow. BTW - we didn't start bringing him until he had all his shots and was neutered. We wanted to avoid any problems :) He loves his big brother Emmit. They run and play and also lounge around together. Emmit has been so kind, sharing his favorite spots with Henry. My family is also smitten with him. My sisters family (including their dog, Woody) come over just to see Henry!

So as you can see he is doing very well. The pool shot is from this weekend. We set up the "dog spa" in the backyard! Thanks for bringing this sweet boy in to our lives!

- Tara, Russell (Henry's) Mom

Hoppy (Bear)

Hi there!!! Feel like I haven't talked to you ladies in forever!!! Hope all is well :) Hoppy aka Bear is doing wonderful!!! Eating and popping like a moose but I was warned. He is getting so big and changing ALREADY!! :( but still definately a big ole baby!!!! I love it! (not so much at 2 and 4 and 6 am but I'm very VERY hopeful it will pass SOON) :) Thanks again!!

- Brittney, Hoppy (Bear)'s Mom

Prince Charming (now Charley)

Prince Charming (now Charley) is still melting hearts on walks and bringing smiles to people passing by.  He's such a sweet, mellow little dude and I'm so happy to have him in my life!  He has a few new fun toys he likes to play with, but his favorite thing is his new poofy bed he likes to take naps in...He's made some new friends at the park where we walk and loves "dog watching" and playing the "sniff game". I feel really lucky to have found such an amazing dog! Thank you for your help and the attention you gave him while he was in your care.  You really made him feel loved!

- Kelly, Prince Charming's (now Charley's) Mom


November 2012Hello! Here is an updated picture of Skipper aka "Charles"! Thank you for remembering us on his one year anniversary. He is doing GREAT! He is a wonderful dog and he gets along great with Bailey, our chocolate lab. He follows me everywhere I go in the house. He also just went on his first vacation to the Atlantic ocean recently and loved jumping over the waves. Keep sending the newsletters as I always read them!

Thank you SO much!

First Update: Here is a picture of the girls, Sarah (top) and Kaitlin, with Skipper along with our chocolate lab Bailey.  Skipper is doing great!  Skipper is a wonderful dog.  We are really lucky to have him!  My daughter Sarah is truly loves with him and calls him “my dog”.  He is such a gentle boy and gets along great with Bailey.  We look forward to many years with him!

- Jennifer, Charles (Skipper's) Mom


Just wanted you to know that Scooter is doing great – he is really happy and loves being a part of our family and we love having him also. He has turned into such an accomplished ball catcher and we are always teaching him new tricks. He is smart beyond belief and his main focus is his 4 ball toys. Thanks again for bringing Scooter into our lives – it is a crazy time for Mike but I am sure he will come back a volunteer during the summer.

- Dee, Scooter's Mom

Maxx (now Bucky)

We are so thrilled to have this new member of our family. He is simply the best! Bucky is the joy of the neighborhood and everyone loves when we take him out for walks (about 4 daily). They all think he's a puppy! He is very friendly with humans, kids, and other dogs - in our home, in guests' homes, and in public. We took him to the dog park for the first time last weekend and he was a huge hit. He made friends with all the dogs and responded very well to all our commands (come, etc). He loved it! We really lucked out with him and can't express how happy we are to have him in our lives... You guys are the best! Thanks for everything.

- Greg, Bucky's (Maxx's) Dad


May 2013: I know I'm a little behind in sending a Roscoe update, since we hit our one year anniversary in February of this year. Yay! My goodness time flies when you're having fun!

Remember how we thought Roscoe wouldn't get much over 50 lbs., if he hit a major growth spurt he "might" hit 60? Well, he is a happy and healthy (very healthy according to the vet) 74 lb. boy. Another interesting and fun thing that we discovered is that Roscoe is not a Pitbull mix, but he is 100% Plott Hound according to the DNA kits that we ran on him for fun! Never heard of a Plott Hound? Don't feel bad - most people look at me like I'm making it up, but we ran two tests and both came back the same. The Plott Hound is a large scent hound, originally bred for hunting boar, but is now used to hunt raccoons, bears, and large cats. The Plott Hound is one of the least known breeds of dog in the United States, even though they are the state dog of North Carolina.

Apparently, Roscoe could be a "poster dog" for the brindle colored type of Plott Hound. I did the testing for him out of curiousity, both my own and other people, including our vet who took one look at him and said, "this boy is NOT a Pitmix!" Anyone who gets to have a "Roscoe Experience" loves him and everyone wants one just like him, and Lord knows I'm not giving him up! LOL! Everyone loves him and he loves them all back!

Anyway, here are some of the latest and greatest Roscoe pictures! Feel free to post them to Facebook! As always, thank you and the SCCR team for bringing him into my life. I love him with all of my heart, he is an incredibly funny and loving boy.

November 2012: Just thought I would send you the latest picture of Roscoe. He is an absolute joy and quite the athlete! He's up to running 7 miles alongside my bike before I get the privilege of pulling him in the trailer. We are going to miss biking when the colder weather hits, but we're looking forward to our winter hiking season. He loves to travel and is fabulous in the car. We've also been considering going through the trading to be a service dog team.  There really aren't enough positive things I can say about Roscoe and I can't tell you how much I love this boy! 

I'm thankful to the SCCR for bringing us together. 

First Update: Just wanted to let you know that Roscoe and I have completed the beginning training at PetSmart. We had so much fun doing the class and the instructor, Heather, was really great. Roscoe's nickname during class was "Teacher's Pet" because she ended up using him for all of the training examples and techniques in class.

All that aside - I also wanted to tell you how absolutely in love I am with Roscoe and thank you from the bottom of my heart for fostering him until I could find him. He is just the best little boy a proud pet momma could ask for! He is a constant source of laughter and joy, and seems to charm everyone he meets - even the hardcore "cat" people! Not only that - he's being spoiled rotten by my boyfriend Michael and his Grandma Kathy, and I admit I "might" spoil him a little too. Don't worry though, he's still the same happy, goofy, friendly little man you remember.

- The Quintons, Roscoe's Family