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Volunteer Opportunities With SCCR:

The positions listed below are available volunteer positions in Second City Canine Rescue. Does one of our opportunities sound like a good fit for you? Email us at info@sccrescue.org or fill out the form to the right! Some of our volunteer positions may be filled- but we ALWAYS need new volunteers for our organization- some positions require multiple volunteers to fill and we want YOUR help in any capacity you can! We would LOVE to have you be a partner in furthering our mission of "rescuing responsibly."

Foster Home

- Cares for a dog as their own until it finds it forever home

-Brings dog to veterinarian for care as seen fit and scheduled by medical coordinator

-Brings dog to adoption events for potential homes to view

Show Handler

- Spread awareness about SCCR’s mission

-Introduce the dog you are handling to the public

- Love & play with the dog you’re handling

-Involve adoption counselors when potential adopters are recognized

Fundraising Team Committee Member – many options & roles, including:

- solicit donations in various, creative, unique ways

- help create new ideas & venues for fundraising events

- be a part of our “think tank”

-have an idea we didn’t touch base on? You can help!

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Testimonials From Volunteers:

"I've volunteered at nursing homes, hospitals and homeless shelters. All have been great experiences and I truly love helping people. But when I first volunteered for SCCR it was like from then on I knew what my volunteer calling was. I love helping those without a voice, animals that can't help themselves. I'm so blessed to not only work wth beautiful dogs on a weekly basis but with such amazing strong-hearted people, too!" -Alyssa, Handler

"I became involved with SCCR because my granddaughter Jacquie, along with her two best friends Jen and Dave, brought their dream to life of starting their own dog rescue.  I work behind the scenes writing the dog biographies and bringing each one of their stories to you by posting them on our site and on PetFinder.  I have fun with it because sometimes I tell their story as if the dog were speaking…  but don’t worry,  I haven’t learned how to bark yet, LOL.  I started out doing this for Jacquie because I wanted to help her... and I’ve been doing it since SCCR became a reality.  Now of course I love doing what I do so much that I would be lost without SCCR and all the wonderful people in it.  The reason I love it is because they really take their motto literally… “Rescuing Responsibly”, and so do all the foster parents and volunteers connected with SCCR.  I feel... no, I know they go above and beyond what any other dog rescue does and that makes me proud to be a small part of SCCR".- Carol, Bio Writer and Handler

"I've been a volunteer for about 2 years now. It's still getting better! I started as a handler at the Adoption Events. About 4 months into that, I wanted to do more. I currently run our Instagram account and I am now an Adoption Counselor. I talked to my family and we decided to do even more and started fostering. Everyone I talk to outside of our organization tells me, "I couldn't do that! I would have to keep all of them!" or "How can you let them into your life only to let them go?" I ask, "How can you not?" I've met with some of my old fosters months after being separated. As much as I never  forgot them, they never forgot me either. THAT is the greatest reward I can imagine from the work that I do now with Second City Canine Rescue.

-Marty, Adoption Counselor, Foster Home, and Media Team Member

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